Is the Innuos Zen Mk2 compatible with the Lampizator Amber II with clock upgrade?

I like the idea of tubes (because the rest of my system is tubed) and I also like the idea of a rectifier tube in a DAC,  although I'm certainly open for an airy, ethereal sound with no ear fatique yet uncolored from whatever device(s) or type.  I live in a remote area so brick and mortar demos are impossible.  This is my first attempt at separates.  The MyDAC (at least it's a DAC) works flawlessly with the Innuos, and I've tried several different USB cables during the diagnostic process.  I don't have a strict budget in mind but better would be nice of course.  I like the idea of buying used since I can resell it if needed without taking a hit while buying unheard.  Please help me as I do realize the importance of a good source.  I suppose I'm asking for a used device at a level at or near the point of diminishing returns since I'm new to digital.  I realize I have much to learn on the subject of SS vs. tube DAC's, but tubes are where my comfort zone presently is as my perceived way of avoiding any hint of ear fatigue, given what little I know.  These two units are new to me but I can't hear them together.  Frustrating.  Please advise, and with thanks.