Is the Ginko Cloud 11 the best isolation for a VPI

I've got a Scoutmaster and was wondering if the Ginko is the best isolation platform for this particular turntable. Any others worth considering?
Freemmer did a acclerometer test (with pics) in one of his Stereophile articles and the reduction in vibes (there seen on scope) was impressive.Yes the active Vibraplane did a better job but not to justify the costy (thousands not hundeds).Also Harry at VPI gaveit huge thumbs up saying to him it was like going froma $250 cartidge to a $2500 one.I think if you have cement floors it's less needded but still must do great job.If you have wood floors inversting $350 fro that TT (something) that advertises wood asjustable wall rack is best vhoice isf floors actually make your arm jump as that's a different story.One thing I wish they did at Gingko is to plit the platform like others hage (Brightstar think that was company company that made the popular sandboxes and inner tube platforms plus bricks to put on top???Brain feeze tonight).Anyway they had area that kept motor isolated from rest of platfrom.Yes it's a bit much for acrylic with divots but we are talking audio and while the Scout kit form BDR might be good in some pallications sine it has cups,cones and motor plate I would opnly choose it if Gingko was to high to fit somewhere.At least you don't have to worry abou balancing the damn think (if your rack is flat) like the Brightstar.I stopped using mine uinder turntable but kept it for digital or tubes.Cloud 10 might do it for cheaper but 11 is saffer since divots are deeper.Wish I was skilled enough to make my own since I doubt it would be that different with mapple and lacrosse balls.But yeah it's good.If uou go to a shop to get one listen to his speakers and email me (us) to let us know what you think.Pretty cool looking and since their isobaric like old Linn's go pretty low.
I do have a cement floor. Things never move or jump around so I'm curious how much of a benefit it'll actaully be. I think I'm going to order one for peace of mind.
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I used a Cloud 10 with a VPI Aries to great satisfaction. I think that the VPI and the Ginko are a perfect match. The Cloud 10 was conceived as a product for the VPI.

What do you folks put 'under' your Cloud platforms? In other words - what do you put your cloud platforms on? Does the quality of the rack or platform even matter as far as the cloud is concerned?

thank you
Another variation on this is to try proprietary "grungebuster" balls to replace the original Cloud balls in this already great design.
This makes less critical the surface upon which the Cloud sits, because the grungebuster balls themselves are manufactured specifically for best possible vibration absorption, and isolation, including for a turntable upon the top plate of a Cloud.
The ninety day home trial allows plenty of time to decide if the proprietary "grungebuster" ball material really enables even better sound reproduction, justifying paying a bit more for each ball.
They pulled my posts! Hey moderators what is your issue. Censorship on what grounds.I Have paid VPI Harry plenty and schmoozed with him at Vin's. He has paid more to Stereophile. What gives with you.
I have a Superscoutmaster with the new heavy platter, and the new feet. Gingko told me that the balls are a part of the new feet and that no additional platform would be needed.
Mechans.. dude you're posts are still there on the other thread titled exactly the same.. But to ask again, what's your source of info on the rift between Harry and Vin?
not that the ginko cloud is not the best for vip, for my rig using a maple platform with brass on top and isoblocks on the bottom are working very well, with no audible problems at all, they are sitting on a shelf and thats on a concrete floor, with all of the product available and the expert advise you can wind up going in circles instead of listening to music.
Think that Mapple is always the chjopice if you have one unless you get some resonant benefit from Granite.Know that the TT (something ) folks who make a $350 (sensibly priced not $750 like others) adjustable wall rackmanufacture out of oak and then add granite top.If one can do it this would (especially with wood floors) be way to go VPI (or other deck) on wall with Gingko.But might be that on wall using he BDR kit with cups and motor plate is way to go.My only complaint with Gingko is they haven' yet sperated the table from motor like Brightstar did with inner tube and sand boxes.Can't see why their be a rift between Harry and Vu.Hell Harry said it was like adding a $2500 cart on HIS site I believe or Vu was able to use quote on his site.Me I think heavy iron Soundanchor beats these "fancy" designs for racks and stands and am waiting to see if using Gingko on top of stand is good enough o if wall mount plus a model 11 with either Scout,Scoutmaster or Aries 1 all with TNT5 platter.Invetred bearing can't make that big a diff and am a little peeved (though thank goodness I didn't go lite acrylic,it's back to future for $2K if you want heavy platter that fits ring clamp.Screw the clamp I'll just use TNT5 many of which are floatig around for $300 or so with spndle and bearing since many wen to inferior "lite" acrylic.Wonder if I can get machine shop to carve lip out to fit clamp???

I answered this before, but for those that didn't read my previous post... The new VPI feet has the Gingko balls included. When I contacted Gingko, they told me that the new VPI feet were quite enough.
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