Is the Ginko Cloud 11 the best isolation for a VPI

I've got a Scoutmaster and was wondering if the Ginko is the best isolation platform for this particular turntable. Any others worth considering?
No the cloud was built with the VPI products in mind. I wrote a longer bit recently on isolation. Look for it.
Wonder if this applies to turntables without suspension? I'm referring to Technics SP10, Garrard 301 and such.

I had a Lenco with heavy plinth sitting on a 2.5" butcher block shelf, attached to the uprights in my bookcase but still got foot fall feedback. I did not try the Ginko or other isolation devices beyond the usual cones and rubber footers.
I know of one person who has the cloud under a scout who is quite pleased with its performance. Another option is a sandbox. I use one under my ScoutMaster with good results. However it is a DIY project. FWIW, I also have the motor platform separated from the plinth platform. Harry Weisfeld of VPI thought that a very good idea when I told him of my plans.
Harry and Vin are not on the best of terms right now. So his comment should be taken in that context. Anyway look for A DIY isolation concept I wrote about a couple weeks ago.
Can you point me to that thread?
I am using the springs from the Promethean base. I highly recommend making the stand. Cost is about the same except for the shelves which you can purchase at home depot etc. I can jump next to my table while before I couldn't even walk lightly. That is on concrete floor.