Is the extra money worth it

I need new 845 tubes for my Cary CAD211M mono blocks. 

Is it worth the extra money?

Tube options from Grant Fidelity 

  E-845 Moly Metal Plate vacuum tubes ~ $2K with 10% grading

WE845 Western Electric Replica vacuum tubes ~ 1.5k with 10% grading

how about spending extra on Top 10% Measurement, Best of Best Grade ~ $50 per tube?

Will I be able to hear a difference between the grades ---worth the extra money?



System below;

Audio Research LS26

Audio Research PH8

Cary CAD 211M driving Tyler Acoustics with transparent music wave Ultra cables

Lamm M1.1 driving Wilson Sophia with Harmonic Tech pro-9 cables

Snake River Audio interconnects and power cables

Dedicated AC line  10 AWG

Rega P8 with Apheta 3 cartridge

Rothwell MCX trans




@agrogon I purchased two matched sets of PSVane Acme 845 tubes directly from China HiFI

Excellent service, great tubes and big savings. Have a look.


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Thank you for the link, agreed a good price.  Can you tell me why you went with the Acme and not the WE 845 Plus? These probably are the same tubes that Grant Fidelity is selling just relabeled.  I would think all the 845 tubes are coming from the same factory. 


@agrogon Funny that I live not far from Grant Fidelity.   My understanding is Grant had a falling out with PSVane and stopped selling their tubes.  Grant now mostly sells Linlai.  Not being an expert, I read as much as I could and got the feeling PSVane Acme series is equal to anything out there.  I'm very happy with the product and China HiFi is a reputable vendor.  Have bought from them a few times.   Delivery to my door by DHL was about 12 days. 

I ordered the Acme 845 PSVane from China-HiFi, will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for advice!

@agrogon Send me a message once your listened to them.  Hope your experience is a good as mine.  Cheers.