Is the Encore DL-2010 tube preamp phase-inverting?

I have an Encore DL-2010.2 hybrid tube preamp but don't have the manual. Is the unit phase-inverting? Thanks for the advice.
I did have one of 'em about 12 years ago,(great piece.)
A close listen should tell you in no time---. Out of phase--the vocal will be just off center,as will the bass be,just off center. Reverse the speaker leads at the speaker to make your comparison.
I don't believe it does having also owned one previously.
Positive Feedback had a review back in '94. Ask David Robinson or Clark johnson. If I can find my issue, I'll let you know.
My sug. will cost you nothing,and any 'phile' should hear what I describe--off-center vocal and bass. Just try it.