is the Emotiva UPA line bright?

I have speakers that tend to be on the bright side with my Pioneer Elite reciever. Paradigm Monitor v5 and v6. A rep at Emotiva steered me in the direction of the UPA line when I told him I heard that Emotiva equipment can be bright. If I get the UPA-5 will it be ok for my speakers? Thanks for the help.
Hi MMartin
Check out Emotiva's lounge.

There are members there who love the Paradigm/Emotiva combination. Most are friendly just ask.

Although from some threads I've seen there the XPA-5 were the ones favored to power Paradigm speakers.

As for brightness I guess it depends on the owner and their gear. I have a UPA-7 and it sounds great after about 20 mins of warm up. I think it only sounded a bit lean to me ears when I would just power it up and listen right off the bat.