Is the EMM Labs DCC2 dac better than the DAC6e?

I'm curious how they compare.
I would say, it depends on your need for a preamplifier. If you do not have a world class preamplifier, the DCC2 is better. If you are just asking regarding the DAC section of each, they are the same.
Sidebar .... but if you are reading this, you were probably interested in the thread titled "EMM Labs DAC6e Signature Edition verses the DAC6". It's disappeared as of Apr 28 2:40 EDT! I suppose it could come back with a different title, but these things disturb me.

Keep your eyes open ... something is up !
yeah - what's going on, here? something seems fishy.
Don't be so sensitive guys! There's nothing fishy. EMM is doing better than ever!
Wow, if I would have waited a year to buy my Lamm M1.2's, I could have got a free emmlabs DAC6e.
Does anyone keep a count of EMM Labs threads disappearing ?