Is the Eames chair a favorite

Wondering.  I have one arriving soon and will try in prime listening position but depending may still stay with my tried true Hancock Moore wingback recliner.  

What’s your chair ( or maybe chaise/couch - no no no🤨) of choice?
I have an Ekornes stressless Senator model.  I thought it was maybe too low, but my ear is at tweeter height for my speakers (Focal Sopra 3).
The Stressless is my favorite of all. Eames is a more expensive version. 
I also have a Stressless- it's a wonderful chair-

Yeah the Eames original is expensive but the better replicas are the same or less than the Stressless and have very good reputations despite Chinese build.  I'll check out a Stressless
I have an Eames lounge chair in the listening room as well as the living room. Great chair! 
I have a collectable rosewood Eames lounge chair, but use a stressless for listening.