Is the dunlavy SC-IV still worth to buy?

I just sold my Nautilus 805, and looking for an replacement upgrade. I looking for used speakers in the range of $1500-$2500. Since I live in Indonesia, I have little option in such speakers: Vandersteen 2Ce Sig ($1200), Michael Green Chameleon ($1900), Spendor LS3/5a ($1100), and Dunlavy SC-IV ($2400). I understand that each speaker has its own strength and weakness, but I found that Vandy2ceSig and Dunlavy SC-IV have such a great review. I've tried the Spendor LS3/5a, and quite impress with it, but I think that it would be better to get a floorstanding speaker, thus I don't have to get a sub-woofer right away. Regarding Michael Green Chameleon, I could not find much review on it, so my final tought would be Dunlavy SC-IV (not the new SC-IVa version). Thus, I would like to get some recommendation whether it's still woth it to get it. Or should I just get the Spendor LS3/5a, which many people say it has an impressive vocal?
My system:
Krell KSA250
Krell KSP-7B pre
AudioNote DAC-2 (not the latest version)
Jadis JD-3 CD
Not too high-end cables interconnect and speakers.
(my system mostly old since I have a very limited budget)
Any recommendation would be really appreciated. Thanks. (Sorry for my bad english)
I would say "No", but I don;t know what your tastes are.
I used to own Dunlavy SC-V's, and they (along with IV's) will play pretty loud, and will probably have lots of bass impact with those Krell's.
I sold my Dunlavy's and ended up buying Vandersteen 3A Signatures, and now own 5A's.
I would say that the 3A Signature alone is better than the V, easily. It doesn't have slam like that speaker, or as much volume- but it sounds A LOT better to my ears.
Plus- the Vandersteen is easier to set up in a normal room than a Dunlavy.
Dunlavys IV's are probably 170 or 200 pounds a piece as well-and they are tall, so they are going to cost more to ship than a typical speaker.
I don't have experience with the other two brands you mention.
Also- keep in mind that Dunlavy prices will continue to go down, Vandersteens (or other current brands) will probably hold resale better. Vandersteen in particular seems to hold resale value well.
Good luck,

Your English is fine my friend.

I'm a big fan of all Dunlavy's. The IVA had a little better bass extension than the IV from what I've heard, but all Dunlavy's I've heard have a very neutral sound and a large, pinpoint soundstage.

The Vandersteen would be another excellent choice- a speaker I've considered buying many times over the years. At the price you can find them, you may want to buy the Vandersteens and put the remaining money into electronics upgrades.

Since you mention being on a limited budget, remember that the cost of shipping the Dunlavy's will be much higher than other speakers you mentioned.

Just my thoughts.

Good Luck.
I owned a set of Dunlavy IVs and upgraded to Vs. My best friend now owns my old IVs and I get to hear them fairly often. They are still a good speaker and at current market prices, are a steal! Try to buy locally so you can listen before you purchase. If any drivers are bad, replacements are available. John made a good product and you have the power to make them sing!
I'd think the Dunlavys would work fine with the Krell, although if you could find a used pair of Duntech Princesses (also designed by John Dunlavy, very similar in size and driver array to the SC-IVs, and pretty popular in the Asian market so they might be available used out there) they would, in my view, work better with the Krell. I found Duntechs were a little warmer sounding speaker, so they benefited from a solid state amp, while the Dunlavys were a little more neutral and to my ears sounded better with tubes. The differences aren't enough, though, that I'd tell you not to buy the Dunlavys. Still a very good design.
The Dunlavys are very good speakers and basically full-range. For the price, they are incredible.

The only potential problem, as mentioned above, is their size, and the fact that the company is out of business. All of the drivers are easily replaceable, however.
i gave up my Vandy 3A for the dunlavy.i think it worth it if you have the room for it..incredible speaker within the 2k range.dunlavy love Bat tube amplifier.
go get sc-iv if your muscle can handle them physically and your room can handle them acoustically. IMO, they are better than Vandy and spendor you mentioned.
2 more catches
1. the sweet spot is very small if matters
2. since sc-iv is efficient, Pass labs' Aleph can do better job than ksa-250, even 300B can do the magic.
Of the speakers you mentioned, and I have experience with most of them, the Dunlavys would be my choice. No question about that. You do need some good juice to make them sing their best. No flea power amps need apply! But for that money, and if you have the correct room what about an Apogee or magnepan?
Thanks so much for all the replies/ infos. One thing I forgot to mention is that my room is only about 3 x 3 meters (probably about 10' x 10'). I understand that according to some people, it would be too small. Then the questions is; is it still ok to get SC-IV, knowing that the spreakers placement would not be as recommended? My alternative then is to put them on my living room, which is big but not private (and not air-conditioned, thus not to good for the Krell amp..). Thanks again.
That's really too small a room for the IVs; you need to sit a good deal away from them to get the drivers to integrate properly, and I think the extended bass, particularly with that small a room and its square shape causing room nodes, will be too much. You're better off with small speakers like the Spendors, maybe the Vandersteens or a smaller Dunlavy model, or perhaps even small monitors with a sub.
Rcprince is right on the money. Monitors with a low Q sealed sub would work best here. You're already going to have problems in terms of bass response due to the size and shape of the room, so you don't want a woofer system that lacks control and has a big output peak at resonance to deal with. Big speakers and / or smaller speakers with drivers that are widely spaced apart work best in larger rooms. Sean

PS... Your "budget challenged" system is quite impressive and there is NO need to apologize for your English.
For your small room Dunlavy III is better choice.