Is the Denon DVD-2910 a Good DVD Player???

I will be purchasing a Toshiba 57H84 with the 720P/1080I upsampling capability and New HDMI digital interface. I want to use the HDMI outputs of my DVD player.

The two DVD players I am considering are the Denon DVD-2910 ($699) and the Panasonic DVDS97S ($299). Which one do you guys recommend??? Is the Panasonic close in quality to the Denon??? Or is the Denon light years ahead of the Panasonic???

Thank you.
Clyde go to and read about 8hrs worth of chat on all these.
Another one that has gotten good reviews is the Sony DVP-NS975. It is also supposed to be a credible SACD player. It did very well in the "secrets Shootout".

Go to to read all available reviews of all audio/video components. Select DVD player review and the A-Z list. Scroll down to any manufacturer that interest you.

You can find all professional reviews that are available on the web, as well as web reviews by individuals. It is a great site for researching audio/video equipment.


Haven't heard the Panasonic or read anything about it but my guess is your going to get better build quality with Denon.Also you have a number of folks out there that will do mods on the Denon if you have the scratch (and no pun intended) get the "itch".I'd be looking at Sony and Denon.Whereas sometimes you a spectacular performer at a rediculous price the $1K and below marklet seems to to be sewn up with Sony and Denon.Have heard that Sony's generally have video edge but if used for hi-rez or even red book Denon should gte the nod.Do some searches including on though it's a suspect forumn to some extent because those submitting reviews tend to have allready bpought whatever there submitting on and want to justtify themselves and telleveryone what genuises they are.CNET might also have something on Panasonic.
I was quite interested in the Sony 975 as well since the Oade Bros guys said that it was better on redbook than the Sony 2000ES SACD changer, but then read that the model has been dropped due to reliablity problems with a new model (with essentially the same features) due to come out in May...
one of my aquantances is a reviewer for the perfect vision, and has told me that the 2910 is a giant killer at it's price point. competes with almost anything below 4k in both audio and video. this was a couple of months ago.

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From what I heard, the 2910 and the much more expensive 3910 are essentially the same for video. As for audio, the 3910 has better DACs and analog stage.