Is the Classe dr-7 still one of the best

I was wondering what experiences any of you have had with this huigely expensive one-time state of the art preamp from the late 80's. How would it fare against modern preamps? Bob
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anyone out there?
I owned one a few years ago. It seems like there are a few folks who claim its internal phonostage (especially the MC section which is said to be identical to the NIL headamp) of this preamp to be one of the best of its kind, but to be honest I wasn't all too impressed. Too mechanical/SS sounding to my ears. Works well enough for certain types of music, but not good enough to qualify for the state of the art. From the same era, I prefer a Spectral DMC-10 preamp.
Thanks Opus for your thoughts on this preamp. I have never heard it so your input is valuable. Bob