Is the center the center ??

I have seen interesting discussions about center speaker quality and matching to the main speakers. That would speak for a set of speakers from the same manufacturer. Unfortunately the manufacturer of my Audio Physics main speakers does not offer a center speaker, so I have to find one from another source (The ProAc Response CC One I use currently is not bad, but I have heard better ones.). If the price is not the main factor is the Nautilus HTM1, the Aerial CC3, the Legacy Audio Silverscreen (model II, approx 1.5 k$ ??) of the Martin Logan Theatre THE center speaker for my system? Are there reviews of center speakers available (Stereophile apparently does not review them.).
My system sounds better without the center chanel. With "none" selected for center speaker in my processor it creates a phantom center chanel. The soundstage is seamless and you would swear dialogue is coming from the center speaker which is still sitting on top of my tv. Your Audio Physics should image better than my Proacs so give it a try!
I've found Phantom mode to work great when you don't have an equal quality center, but when you do, a center speaker really "locks" in the center. Revel makes a big deal out of timbre matching, which they claim does not mean "exactly the same as R/L". Try listening to a Revel Voice or [cheaper] Performa C30 to hear how good a center channel sounds.
If you are only concerned about the quality of the dialog from the "sweet spot" then you would be better off not using a center. Phantom mode works great when there is only one person and you would swear dialog is coming from the screen. If you would like to lock the dialog to the screen from positions other than the "sweet spot" then you will have to add a center channel, if not then they will hear the dialog coming from either the right or left of the screen depending on which speaker they are closer to. If you can the best way to add a center is to use the exact same speaker as the mains, this is usually only possible though if you have a front projector system. Just go to a dealer that has your exact speakers and listen to various centers to try and match the timber and above all make sure the dialog is clear and your not wondering what was just said. Good Luck
hales made a terrific center channel with their recent misfortune you should be able to pick it up about half price i did recently and am extremely satified with the speaker. at half price it can't be beaten.