Is the Cary SLP-05 still relavant?

Given the history and reviews of this preamp with its ability for tube rolling and its "Ultimate" upgradeability, Where does it stand as a premium offering vs something like the PS Audio BHK? Is it still relevant? It still gets sporadic press, but has fallen out from Stereophile recommended equipment list.
Sure it is, but if a product has not been reviewed in "x" years it is automatically dropped from the list, along with a lot of other excellent products. 
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Just because a product hasn’t been reviewed recently doesn’t make it irrelevant. Yep, products continue to improve each year...and we all love this. But just because a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo didn’t get reviewed or recommended in the past couple of years hardly makes it irrelevant or not a joy to use. We are all becoming victims of today’s 5-minute news cycle.
LOL @ebm  - love your comments.  :)

The SLP-05 is a fantastic preamp and one that I regretfully sold.  The downside is a very limited remote control, volume control only.

Sonically, it does it all from top to bottom.
@ebm does specialize in brevity, aye.

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@hk_fan a volume-only remote is my favorite kind of remote. Bought my Eastern Electric MiniMax integrated for that reason. Glad I did as the amp is fun & punchy to boot. My Schiit Freya rc has a few more, eg to cycle through the 3 gains, a mute, and sources. Stop me when this gets too exciting.

Even more off topic, best preamps you’ve never heard (of): van Alstine.

I just looked up the SLP-05 and it looks amazing. Anyone reading this looking to deal theirs....
@ebm, does the SLP-05 become relevant if partnered with a Symposium platform?
I’ve had my SLP-05 for 6 years now. I did an upgrade to the unit with Cary 18 months ago and I still swear by it. To gain any appreciable improvement you would have to spend an inordinate amount of money and then you may actually notice some difference. I think the larger question is that items falling off the ‘A’ list  in Stereophile is a mixed bag at best. Why? They have their favorite items they like to maintain and the others they might grant an ‘A’ rating and then drop later on. For instance. I own the Aesthetix Rhea phono pre-amp, ‘A’ rated and then the following report period they dropped it. The ‘A’ rated Rhea has not been changed in 6 or seven years, unless you buy an upgrade. Want another? My Turntable is an Oracle MK-5, it has now been upgraded. But prior to the upgrade it was an ‘A’ and after 6 months it was dropped as well. I have a Myabi stereo cartridge from 47 labs for my T/T. This little unit has been an ‘A’ for years. But after 6 months they dropped it off. We all know there are any number of shinatagains behind doors. Even my main speakers, Coincident Pure Reference speakers were ‘A’ rated 6 or 7 years ago by both Stereophile and TAS. TAS gave a very nice write up and report about this speaker and Stereophile said an OK two page write up and then 6 months later dropped them off like a rock. If you notice Stereophile has their regular group of speakers they return to every couple of years. Look at the Linn turntable. This  has been an ‘A’ listed item for literally years. There are so many upgrades and purchasing options the entire unit should have been dropped off 5 years or more ago. When was the last time you heard of major write up on it?
there are many new and even brand new highly efficient speakers and even many low efficient speakers as well. Hopefully everyone realizes that efficiency plays a big part in the speakers being chosen for your home. Yet that point is never brought up in any Stereophile discussion for the experienced mind or the inexperienced audiophile. 
 Finishing up, I still think your purchase of the SLP-05 is still current, other than the digital domain we have to find alternative work arounds to remain true to all formats. You have a well built and truly awesome unit. To replace it? Prepare to spend 16K and up to match. Then think about the PassLabs 17K pre-amp. Too much for retirement checks!
Excellent perspective RK. I concur, but appreciate hearing it from others.
If this question is posted in most local audio buddies clubs, @emb5’s answer is almost consensus.

Another funny indicator is whether the product is still listed with full information on the manufacture’s site. If you cannot even download an user manual, it’s history!

Cary SLP 05 is an odd case. It’s still on Cary’s site, but one could argue that it’s for the wrong reason: Cary doesn’t seem to make relevant products for a while. It needs SLP 05 (plus some other true classic products) to beef up the great reviews line-up.

Test pilot STILL NO!!!
I owned it for a couple of years. I never felt it was anything special even with quality NOS tubes from Andy at VTS. I find ARC preamps to be vastly superior. For same $$$ you can pick up a used LS28. It's better in every dimension as far as I am concerned and no worry about tube rolling or spending stupid money on NOS 6SN7s.
I had the Cary SLP-05 (not impressed) and the Cary SACD player. Once I was screwed big time by Cary I sold the equipment.

It's my reference preamp :)
Oh, That piece of junk? No, definitely not relevant any more. You should sell it to me.  ;>)

I think that thing looks absolutely amazing.