Is the CAL Alpha/ Delta dated

I happen to like the sound of my used Cal CD player except its very finniky about playing cds and doesnt do well with any burned CDs as well as the occasional glitch playing clean new CDs.The sound though blows my Rotel away. Someone told me players built in the last few years have come a long ways. Does that mean that they sound better and play better as well? The guy I got the CAL from said the transport had been rebuilt a few years ago so I wonder if its what one would consider current.
The other thing I am curious about is the idea of getting the same sound quality out of a dvd/cd player vs a dedicated cd player. The same friend claims the dvd players cant hold a candle to audiophile quality cd players. Your two cents worth please?

I used to own a CAL DX1 and a CAL DAC. I sometimes would listen to the DX1 alone - and other times run it through the DAC. I too enjoyed the sound; however, it became apparent to me that digital has come a long way! Now, having said that - realize that the statement is relative!

To break it down, understand that digital attempts to sound like analog! In doing so, it is already defeated since digital is not analog! There are some wonderful units outthere today that really sound nice....starting with the Arcam CD73 to the Cary 303 on up to the Audio Aero Capitole.

Now to finally answer the qquestion - yes, todays players get it more right than older ones! Just be careful to compare before you buy.

Hope this helps

I've had a CAL Icon (#1), Tersette, and a CL-20. I liked the Tersette very much. I found same delight and more in the DVD player CAL CL-20. But it wouldn't play any CDRs. My unit was only 2 y.o. when I sold it. There is an advert on audiogon for Samsung 850 and 950.
They come very close. I have an older 941 which was mod'd (950 is a better machine and it came very close to the sound of the CL-20. Fuller soundstage on the CAL, deeper bass, and cleaner highs. But the Cal could take an upgraded p\PC and the Samsung can't. I'm sure with an installed I.E.C. this $800 could sound like the $2200 CAL.But you can also spend more, like for the Essoteric, and get a top of the line 5 disk player as well.)