Is the BIX table extint?

I had a mark on my browser to go into the BIX table website (under and recently found that it was removed. Do you know if the BIX table is still available?

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Yes, Sound Oddyssey sells them. See the attached link.


Don't know about the website you are refering to, but it's avalible at
Hi Fernando,

I just checked and you are correct, it seems to be gone. DIY HiFi Supply still has them, at least the link is still up. Look here.
Someone said (I think it was in Audioasylum) that they may get a US distributor and the $125 shipping may be reduced or eliminated, but it doesn't seem to have happened. That would make the BIX toooo tempting. Might be spreading rumors though, still looks like a good deal.
Here's the note from Doc at Bottlehead regarding the Bix:

"We've been considering for a couple of months now our handling of the BIX turntable from DIY Hi Fi Supply. A drop shipped kit product which we never see before it reaches the customer has turned out to be a challenge to support regarding revisions and changes. We have determined that it just plain makes more sense for folks to order directly from Brian, who knows the latest updates intimately. We will also be suggesting that folks order their TJ tubes directly from Brian, since he now takes credit cards and it's easy to order direct from HK. He's an upstanding guy, who will take good care of you."
I will add that diyhifisupply is outstanding in terms of customer service. Incredibly fast turnaround on a tube order, great company.
Great! - I am considering trying one with Morch arm and Shelter 501 cart, let´s see....


Txs for you help (all)
I was in Brian's shop this week and can confirm that this turntable is a bargain. A great guy to deal with. Very knowledgeable.
Herman: Did you actually heard it? Did you have the chance to compare it with something else?
I would like to try one.

Yes, I heard it. It was the first time I heard any of those components so I can't really attribute anything to one particular component, but the whole system sounded very nice. The analog was better than the digital they played. That is the only comparison I made.
Thanks Herman - I have read some very interesting reviews of it, looks like a very promising and well executed design.

According to the SoundOdyssey site, shipping within the US is included...$765 w/ Rega tonearm and free shipping... Honey? About the turntable...

Hey guys, anyone try this table with the Blue Note "Borghese" tonearm?

Looks very interesting, especially like the damping cup/silicon bath idea (shades of Well Tempered)
Not me Deaf, but the Graham Robin is also a good option, or why not moving up to the Morch????

Let us know if you buy it.