Is the B&W ASW 650 a good match for N802's

I was thinking of adding a sub woofer to my 2 channel system and like the affordability of the ASW 650. If their are any B&W owners who have added a sub, I would like to hear your thoughts.
I'm an ASW650 owner and have no complaints.
I used it (it's in storage now) with Thiel 1.6s.
A solid performer.
I used to sell B&W products. From experience, the sub would not add fidelity any at all to the speakers. What are you driving your 802's with? The only sub B&W makes that would compliment the 802's in my opinion is the
ASW 850, the 15" sub. Rel subwoofers are the best choice, by far.

John, I am using a Macintosh 352, preamp is a Supratek Cabernet. I truly appreciate your advice. I am really torn on adding this to the system!
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