Is the Audio Technica AT-ART 9 cartridge versus a Dynavector 20XH

I am super curious to try an Audio Technica AT-ART 9 cartridge in my system. I’m currently running a Dynavector 20XH, which I picked up used here on Audiogon. I’m looking get thoughts and comments from members.

Here’s my system:
Technics Grand Class 1200 GAE
Manley Chinook Phono Preamplifier
Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier
PSB Imagine T2 Loudspeakers

Thanks much in advance!
jbhiller-in case you're not aware of the thread on the fabulous ART 9:

Its been going strong nearing 2 years. I believe there are some post of users of the DV 20 and higher models.

I have tried the Chinook w/ART 9 and  my PL HP.  Very nice.

Thanks tablejockey!  This only increases my curiosity!