Is the Ascend acoustics CBM-170 is good as said?

I've read a lot about the Ascend Acoustic CBM-170 speakers especially in, and most people just rave about them. So although I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death in years past, are they that good? All I have for reference (in memory) are Totem Mani-2s, PSB a/v, NHT Super Ones and KEF Codas. The bad part is, I cant listen to it unless I pay for shipping on it, all the way out here in Hawaii, so I must rely on all of your learned ears. Thanks
Do a search - I and many others have commented on the Ascends. Here's my most recent contribution:
Go to the Ascend Forum and ask for an audition. There is an Ascend owner on one of the Hawaiian islands. I do not know which island he is on.