Is the ARC VSi60 a good match with Quad 2805s?

Has any heard the Audio Research VSi60 with Quad 2805s?
Hi 5560-

I currently own the Vsi60 but have not heard it with the Quads. It puts out lots more grunt than you think it would, especially with the new KT120 tubes, so I think you'd be okay.

A better choice, in my opinion, would be the EAR 899 integrated. It runs in class A, has 70 watts, and was designed by Tim Paravicini to have synergy with the Quads. I've owned it as well and loved it with a variety of speakers including the big Spendor SP100R2 and the Chapman T8. You can find the 899 on Audiogon every once in a while.

Bob R