is the allnic L4000 better than the arc ref3

Hi wondering if anyone compared the allnic L4000 to the arc ref3 or the shindo aurieges as line stage.
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I did this exact switch. Your results will vary with the matching amps. Allnic has more impactful bass with sweeter midrange and treble. ARC is more open sounding with extended treble despite a little white-ish balance. Both very quiet with low noise level. I missed the big number on the display for easy level matching when comparing different source.
Hi Glai what was your preamp.If it was the arc you had was it a huge upgrade.Had you compared the arc to shindo preamps.thanks.pat
Yes, it was the ref3. It was an upgrade for me because I specifically want more bass drive and the Allnic did the trick. When I had the Boulder amp, ARC ref3 did bass just fine. It did not do bass as well when partnered with vac phi 300.1 or luxman amp.

I have compared the Allnic to a Shindo pre(13k-16K) one. Friend brought it over and I forgot the exact model. Shindo greatest strength is a very transparent lucid midrange. Allnic is more full and sweeter sounding.

ARC has a 6H30 type sound. It is extended with a very open soundstage. A little greyish depending on partnering equipment.

Like I posted, it depends on what amp you will be driving and which way you want to go with the sound.
Thanks Glai, had you compared the Allnic L1500 to the L4000.
Oh sorry Glai i thought the L1500 was a line stage too.pat
Just to ad and clarify. I would say the Shindo preamp Glai is speaking of is the Vosne-Romanee, which is around 16K US. Which Allnic was it being compared to. Is it the line stage that is in the 5-6K range or the flagship that is 10-11K. It's probobly tough to go wrong with the Allnic or the Shindo. It may just come down to partnering equipment at this level.