Is the Adcom GCD-575 any good??

Is this cd player any good? One is being offered to me for $150. Is this a good price? Or should I save up some more and look for a newer player? I have an M-Audio DAC that I can experiment with, so I can use it as a transport instead of a stand alone player.

Youradvice would be very welcome.

I owned the GCD-575 for about 6 years. When the unit was first released, it was quite good, offering very good build quality and good audio quality. I was very content with my 575, and replaced it primarily because the laser burned out and the repair cost (more than $200) wasn't cost effective.

The 575, by today's standards, uses fairly outdated componentry, and I don't think it's worth the $150 price you mention. If you are willing to spend another $100 or so, you can get a newer used unit that offers improved performance, particularly if you are going to use an outboard DAC. You might want to scan the A-gon archives, or post a new thread, to get info about which decks would be good as a transport unit.
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