Is the Accuphase DP90 transport a good buy?

Just asking.
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I had a DP-100 for a while and it was excellent... Accuphase is built like a tank...
I have the Oracle CD2000 and was wondering if i should switch.
Hi Tabl10s,

I am considering purchasing an Oracle CD transport; don't you like it? If so, what specifically?

Nothing at all...just thinking about it.
My last post should've read there's nothing "wrong" with it.
DP90 it is excellent, superb. If it is a good buy from the quality/price ratio I doubt.
I wouldn't invest much money on old accuphase gear. It tends to draw a premium on the used market and its distribution is in flux right now in North America- which means its value is in jeopordy. Paired with fair at best sound- by today's standards- does not strike me as a good buy. I am a former DC-300/DP90 and DP-75v owner.