Is the 2.5 way speaker the ideal home speaker?

Time for what I hope is another fun thread. 

One type of speaker which is actually pretty common but which gets little press / attention here on audiogon is the 2.5 way. 

A 2.5 way speaker is almost a 3-way, but it isn't. It is a speaker with 3 drivers, but instead of a tweeter, midrange and woofer (TMW) it lacks a true midrange. The "midrange" is really a mid-woofer, that shares bass duties with the woofer. Often these two drivers are identical, though in the Focal Profile 918 the midwoofer and woofer were actually different drivers with the same nominal diameter (6"). 

The Monitor Audio 200 is a current example of the concept, but I am sure there are many others. It's also quite popular in kit form. One of the most high-end kits I know of is the Ophelia based on a ScanSpeak Be tweeter and 6" Revelator mid-woofers. I haven't heard them, but I am in eternal love with those mid-woofers. I believe the original plans come from the German speaker building magazine Klan Ton. 

However many other kits are also available

But regardless of kit, or store purchased, are you a 2.5 way fan? Why or why not? 



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As a DIY speaker builder, I've logged many hours building & tweaking crossovers, and one big compromise of a 3-way design is the HP filter you have to put on the midrange.  This is, at the very least a large capacitor to roll off at ~350 Hz, plus a large inductor too for a 2nd order.  These components are now in the signal path of your crucial midrange frequencies, and they're also affecting the phase alignment of the midrange with the tweeter.  You may also need to invert the polarity of the mid driver (or not)... it just depends on other parts of the design.    The 2.5-way design has fewer crossover components in the way of the midrange, and has more low end capability than just a 2-way.  There still will be some phasey issues between the 2 woofers as the lower woofer rolls in to align with the upper woofer.   I admire the idea, but I've never built or owned a 2.5 way design.