While listening to my system these past few weeks, I realized that clarity is king for me. My current system are nautilus 801s, bat vk-1000 monos, wadia 861 direct to the amps. My ic's are tara lab prism 55. My speaker cables are....don't laugh...too hard, home depot 12 gauge single wire. I am using the speakers jumpers. My system is very clear. I can hear everything and I love it. I feel my system is well balanced as I can play powerful pieces and delicate vocals with equal effectiveness.
I now want to possibly go one step further and investigate the next upgrade in cable. Any opinions on Tara labs, "the One" cable line? I need to have an open and dynamic sound. Thanks for your input.
This is a joke right?
Who put the nut in Avnut? Good one! You had me going for a few seconds, though. Yes, of course, Tara Lab is "THE ONE". Since you're already listening through "Number Two", you might as well take the final step up.
you guys are too cold. i was trying to add a little humor thats all. i really am looking for owners of this tara lab model to provide a little feedback on their experience and setups while using this cable. any positive feedback on this topic is appreciated. thanks.
These are outstanding cables for what you're trying to accomplish. I don't believe you can get any more neutral, clear, accurate, and open. I use "The One" for all ICs and one set of my bi-wire speakers. The second bi-wire set is "The Two" (Soon to be upgraded to "The One".). I also am running B&Ws although they are the N802 and being driven by SS.

Only concerns: 1) The cables will bring out the very best (and worst) of your system. 2) That's one heck of a "Next Step" you're talking about. $$$$$$$

Feel free to contact me with additional Tara questions.
Well skuuuze me. I read that deal 6 times and still couldn't tell. I must be a total idgit galoot for thinking your post was anything other than serious. It's every day someone gets on here and asks about $1k digital links, for their $20k systems, declaring 'clarity...balance...delicate vocals...and dynamics' are ultra-important, and oh, by the way, it's strung together with $6 in chicken wire. Geez, I'm totally out of line for thinking that could be a joke. But whatever, go ahead and ding me if it makes you feel better. Next time I will know exactly how to appreciate your humor.
Just for clarification, i made a big mistake in selling my aural symphonics cables. I am now left with practically nothing. I was looking into several lines of cables to upgrade to. But then I thought that if my lower end Tara Labs sounded this good then maybe I should consider this cable line further. Hence, my thread. I dont understand the attacks.
Dude, it's not an attack, just a miscomm. The Tara rips--best I've ever heard. Happy listening.
avnut: fyi, i posted the following last month on a thread titled "how does tara stack up" :

funny you should ask. i've been auditioning speaker cables between my rowland
8ti and avalon eidolons for the past 2 months. i started with cardas neutral
reference and moved to fim silver. with this first change, there was a hugh jump
in clarity, speed and soundstage width and depth. i then inserted fim gold in the
place of fim silver. another step up but not as much as going from the cardas to
silver; more purity, even greater clarity, rounder bottom and better sense of
space and air. i've sung the praises of fim on several posts; rightfully, it's truly
great stuff, tho horribly stiff and unwieldy. on a whim i tried tara "the one" a
couple of weeks ago. i now own the tara, purchased as a fully broken in demo
pair. the tara gives me everything i heard with the fim, and more. the clarity,
speed, and depth of fim gold but an even wider soundstage and more stable
image and even greater sense of air around the players/instruments. as a plus,
the one is terminated with very flexible "tails" and high quality "universal"
terminators that accept proprietary screw-in varieties of spades and banana
connectors. i could
live happily with fim gold (which is almost identically priced to the one) but i've
chosen the tara. for my system and to my "centrum silver" ears, it sounds the
best. -kelly .