Is Supratek Syrah still the deal of the century?

Is Supratek Syrah still the deal of the century? or there are new ones?
How many "deals of the century" can there be, it hasnt been 100 yrs and yet these claims pop up every few months, in 6-12 months I wonder what the new deal of the century will be.
I know this is a bit off topic remark, but have you ever seen the inside of a Supratek unit when it is opened. I always get scared when I see one: it is very complex and messy, because Mick is using point to point wiring throughout and it seems that there is no effort being made to keep the layout as tidy and conveniently as possible. You have to be a sort of experienced DIY audiophile when you owns a Supratek unit, so you can do minor repairs if necessary. Otherwise only one man on this planet can do the repairs and that is the designer (Mick) himself.

To add to Dazz's remark:

Not to mention he lives in Australia, how much does it cost to ship if a repair is needed? While I am sure it is a great unit and lives up to the hype, this would be a deal-breaker for me.
My understanding is that Mick's partner, Kevin Covi (who helped design some of the Suprateks)is in the USA. Their website also states that most technicians would be able to do any likely repair work, and that Mick would provide instruction by phone and/or email in that case. I don't believe many have had to ship their units back to Mick for repair.
FWIW, I don't own a Supratek, just happen to have seen this info lately. Cheers,

Thnx for the info, that is good to know and makes a big difference, to me anyway.