Is streaming possible w/ 171iTransport/iPad?

Is it possible to stream music through iPad/Wadia 171iTransport from iMac/iTunes library, like with Squeezebox? Could this be accomplished with an app? This would be the ultimate music server since both iPad and iTouch storage capacities are limited compared to iPod Classic. What about a music player app like Amarra being migrated to iOS so it could be stored/played back from SSD or memory?

I'm only thinking out loud as I'm about to purchase either the 171i or used 170i w/ iPod Classic 160GB. I've had it with USB Converters, again. Going back to iTransport. Just not sure the additional cost is worth it. It would seem to be a good deal given 170i mods start around $300-$700.
I just discovered that an iPhone app can wirelessly sync and restore from a backup emailed to my iMac, and yet I presume the iPad and iTouch can't stream music? Shouldn't this be possible with iOS 4 and a music player app since they have Wi-Fi, same as Squeezebox/Squeeze Server? I would think the Remote app could do this, instead of only controlling playback on the iMac it would stream it direct to the iPad and through the output (docked to 171iTransport), and preferable with a direct sync to the iMac's built in AirPort and not through the wireless network.