Is Star Sound Technologies out of business?

I didn't know where to post this....I was trying to check out the audiopoints, but most of the Web site just shows the dreaded box with the red X, can't seem to open up the pages.

Are they gone, or is it just a server problem??

Works fine for me.
O.K. - must be something wrong with this computer I am using. I'll try again from home. Thanks!

Did you try a phone call before posting such an irresponsible thread title? There are plenty of ways to get the phone number and contact them in that manner. Why would you assume just because a web page doesn't open a company would be out of business? Thread titles such as yours do a disservice to companies because erroneous internet rumors are spread just by someone looking at the title of your thread.

A more appropriate thread title would have been- "Is Star Sound Technologies having server problems-tried for a few days now"?

Sorry for the rant but I find too many people assuming a company is out of business because a web page doesn't load or a phone isn't answered on the first ring.
Geeeez! Give Holly a break. Fsarc.. You got stock in the company or something? I don't think the threads going to put them out of business.Lay off!!
Who are you, the Audiogon police?
Fsarc was right on. Gmood1 obviously has no idea the ill-affects a thread like this can have on many companies in this small cottage industry.

Gmood1. Give Fsarc a break. You got stock in a company competing with Star Sound? If this thread causes one person to think twice about purchasing from Star Sound, then Fsarc is right. Lay off!!
For crying out can't save the world! And yes a good business tactic is to answer your phone on the very first ring. There are too many impatient people to let the business go to your compitetion. I'm with Gmood1. Lay off............
Wake up on the wrong side of your web fsarc?
Hey, guys, I'm sorry! I couldn't get the phone number because I couldn't get the Web page to load properly. I couldn't ask information for their number because I couldn't remember where they were located. I did a search here on Audiogon - granted not all that thorough because I was at work where we can only use the computers briefly for personal business - and found no recent threads by Twl of Star Sound or for sale items from Star Sound. Never having had a problem with accessing the web site before, I asked here if the company was still in business, without intending any wrong to them.

I meant no disservice to Star Sound at all, and had no idea that asking if a company was out of business might cause them to go out of business. It is obvious from the responses that I received that they remain in business and are thriving.

The problem was with the computer I was using. Please forgive me, Fsarc and ahkba. I won't post a thread like this again.

I'm with holding comment! =) the other site is undergoing construction, or so I was told.
They are not out of business. I just got an equipment rack from them and am considering the purchase of a pair of caravelle speakers, if they can find a set of the wrought iron looking stands for me.

They make a great product so I hope they will be around for a long time.

The excellant gaurantee makes thier stuff attractive too!
We're still here.
Undergoing some changes to the website, and changing our advertising strategies.
Anyone is welcome to contact me via the email system, for any questions, or call me at my toll free number 1-800-307-0728.

Tom Lyons
Starsound Technologies
Do we really need the promotional stuff TWL? The question was answered by Nrchy on 11/12/05. You guys have no shame.
People really need to think before they blabber their frustrations aloud on the net!!! I really feel for the small company's who take needless hits,these guys build some of the finest stands and speakers I know of.Oakmoss you should apologise to Robert @ Starsound if you reall wish to make amends.He can be reached at 1-877-668-4332

what is oakiris supposed to apologise for,did she say somthing that was spiteful or untrue ? i dont think so, all i read was a simple question but you choose to read it another way.

it never fails as soon as somebody asks a simple question thats service related the audio police leap all over them & do their best to make the poster feel like crap why is that ?

i dont know weather you realize it or not but its 2005 & not 1985 & due to the huge presence of audiogon on the web its not a real smart business move for manufacturers to be out of touch with potential customers for any reason because if they are the customer will move on to the next ad.

have you looked at her gear & if you did then why would you think that simple question was anything other than a real music loving audiophile looking for help in contacting a manufacturer they wanted to buy gear from.

i guess some people prefered the days before audiogon where you had to spend a ton of cash in order to get the dealers attention .

you should get your lips off that manufacturers boots long enough to apologise to oakiris for trying to make her look like a bad person.

I have responded to the subject of the thread, as regards the company and status.

If you don't happen to like it, there are alot of other threads you can read.

I suggest you do that.
Your response is non-germane to this topic and serves no useful purpose, but axe-grinding.

I'll post as I please, regardless of what you think about it. With my grand total of about 6 posts in the last 6 months, most of which were on Pat Malone's thread, I hardly think you have anything to complain about.

Quite frankly, I find your statements to be absurd, considering the nature of this thread, which directly asked about Starsound and its status. You are the one who is out of line here.
I'm with Bigjoe. Holly was asking a legitimate question based on experience. There was no intended malice that I have been able to perceive!

Judy426 your comments are completely out of line! If it were not for Tom I would not know what I do about starsound technology, and I think it would be a lot more useful to hear it from a company rep than just another twit who has nothing to do but blabber on AudiogoN (that being nrchy).

Why anyone should apologize for being accurate and helpful is beyond me!?!
I have already apologized here on this public forum, the same place where I made the faux pas of asking about Starsound in such a way in the first place.

Again, I meant no harm to Tom, or Robert or the company, have never read anything but good things about their products, and have been helped quite a bit by Tom (Twl) before when I was in search of a turntable.

When I couldn't access their website earlier this month, I was just very dismayed that they might be out of business, and made the mistake of making a post here where I was hoping to get some reassurance from the many knowledgeable folks on Audiogon. Instead, I worded my question in such a way that many have taken offense and seem to think I was trying to undermine a company that is very well respected, and rightfully so.

Please note that it was no fault at all of Starsound or its owners/employees that I was unable to fully access their Web site - it was totally due to the lousy computer I was on at the time.

I again ask for forgiveness for my unthinking post and assure you that I am here to learn - and even, I hope, to occasionally be of help to others when I can - not to spread malicious gossip or to start some sort of controversy.

Holly, don't be concerned, you did nothing wrong.
Computers do strange things sometimes.
I understand completely.
I'm happy that you got the info you were looking for.
Thanks Tom - your understanding makes it a lot better!

I was looking for a replacement Audiopoint - I managed to snap off one on my equipment stand when I was moving it. The stand alone weighs 350 lbs so I can't lift it, so I have to sort of "walk it" into place. I put too much of a an angle on one of the Audiopoints, realizing that you aren't supposed ever do this, and "snap" went the threaded insert....

Anyway, turns out I won't be able to replace it - it snapped off inside the tap in the equipment stand leg and there is nothing to grab on to in order to unscrew the part that is still attached to the leg. That leg is now sitting on a couple of pieces of metal - quite elegant, I am sure! :-~

Holly there are procedures that allow you to remove the threaded shaft of the Audiopoint and then replace the point with a new one. Of course you will probably need some help in unloading and moving your equipment stand to perform this surgery. There are alot of Audiogon members out there, maybe one in your area could lend a hand..Where are you?.. the other Tom

go to your local auto parts store (preferably not a chain store) & ask them for an "easy out" they are pretty cheap & are designed to remove threaded bolts by drilling a hole in the center of the bolt then putting the easy out in the hole,while you loosening the screw the easy out will be tightening itself due to reverse threads.

it all sounds bad but it should only take about 10 minutes to remove the broken shaft.

You could try a metal tap, that is predrilled into the bolt and then a strange looking drill bit backs the broken thread out of the hole. You might try to find somebody who has done this sort of thing before since I broke a tap off in a motorcyle valve cover.My dad just shrugged his shoulder and brought out the Silicone past!!My vavle cover was never the same and leaked until I paid to fix it by a pro. Good luck!!
Tom (theaudiotweak) - I live in Colorado (Denver metro area.)

I did indeed consider using an easy out to remove the threaded insert, but that would mean placing the equipment rack on its side to do this. At 350 lbs, there is no way I could do this on my own, even with the use of my heavy duty dolly. If I can't lift it, this would also risk snapping off the other three Audiopoints. (You should have seen me getting this rack into my house from the car port where the delivery company left it. I had to remove the granite shelves first, which ended up in at least one smashed finger, because I could not move it at all with the weight of the shelves. I ended up damaging the wood in a few places, too.)

I'll have to wait until I'm feeling really ambitious before I take on this project, but I will keep it in mind!


If you need new isolation equipment, try the Adona gear advertised on Audiogon. It is equal to or better than the its' higher priced competitor discussed here.
Thanks for the suggestion Judy426, but I will stay with the Audiopoints. I am not knocking the Adona cones as I know nothing about them, but would prefer to match the other cones I already have.

The manufacturer as listed in the thread title does not design or build isolation equipment. I am a dealer of Starsound products. Tom