Is Spiral Groove still in business?

I have a SG-2 turntable and I would need some support. The e-mail address to Allen Perkins does not seem to work, their web page is not updated and neither is the Facebook page.

Do anybody know if they are still in business? Any ideas on how to get in touch with Allen?
I see on their page they have a list of dealers. Have you tried asking one of them for more info?
try this one:
aperkins at immediasound dot com
The list of dealers on the web page is not up to date. Many of them do not carry SG any more. That said, I tried one but didn't get an answer. 

I will try the e-mail address.

Thanks for the input. 

very cool tables... i think the company is kaput

i hope i am wrong on this
While I cannot comment of the status of the company I know Allen moved out of Berkeley and I believe is living on the East Coast now. He was a member of the SFAS and one of the members has his turntable. I will see if I can get contact information from him.
I did some checking and it appears the email that @saburo posted is the best way to reach Allen. He may be a consultant for MoFi now according to the person I checked with.
I have sent an e-mail. I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, I have not heard anything yet...