Is Spectron Audio "Dead or Alive"?

Spectron had not been returning email or phone msgs over the last couple of months to dealers or customers, and emails are now being returned "failed delivery". Has anyone made contact with John or Toni at Spectron recently? Has anyone received new product (M3 or M3d) lately? Seems only the website is new and improved!

Yes, I talked to Toni last week. I have had the Musician III on order for awhile now and I was curious what the heck was going with all of these delays. Well, turns out they had a darn good reason for slowing business matters down and it is a situation anyone would understand or appreciate. Things are getting back to normal now.
Kclone, are you alluding to Toni's health?
Any news from the new amp?
disappointingly, they have promised several new products since late last year. Poor quality control, poor business management and failure to repond quickly to a fast and ever changing marketplace has doomed Spectron.
Having product made in China or making new promises on delivery dates will not breathe life into this sick company.
Sadly, the owners have poured their hearts and souls into keeping this sinking ship afloat to no avail. My hope is, they can turn it around and get back to business but I truly doubt they can make it happen.
With the launch of a few "first batch" Musician III's last January and a trail of unhappy buyers, I'll sit on the sidelines a while until reliable product and corporate responsiveness can be improved and assured.
My suggestion, try contacting a Spectron dealer for feedback on the state of affairs with Spectron. Better yet contact Spectron via email or phone. BTW, I've got a Musician II for sale,,, anyone interested?
Good luck!
What, they are out of business? Wow. That sucks. I have had the Musician III on order for awhile now. I better call them again and see what is up. I just talked to John a week and a half ago. He said they were making last minute changes to the new amp.
Too bad. I guess I did the right thing to buy three stereo CarverPro ZR1600 for less than half what one stereo Spectron would have cost. Perhaps my case is representative of Spectron's problem. They need to understand that the greatest advantage of digital technology is performance equivalent to analog AT DRAMATICALY LOWER COST.
I know sound quality is first and foremost, but those CarverPro ZR1600s are ugly.
I wasn't as impressed with the ZR1600's as everyone else. Had to get rid of it after 6 months..
Kclone...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They look good to me. Besides, they are located in the cellar, out of sight and out of fan noise hearing, but within a few feet of the speakers they drive.

Nhtran...Sonics are also a matter of opinion, and I am with the majority who think they sound pretty good. Of course, being so inexpensive, and a Pro Sound (yuck) unit, it won't win you much envy in audiophile circles. I cry all the way to the bank.

In summary, I was seriously interested in the Spectron, several of them, but they lost my business by being overpriced. Even at three times the price of the ZR1600, there are people who don't like the sound. I guess you can't please everyone.
I don't think they are out of business. The are just victims of poor planing. It has taken longer than they expected to make the product better than the MII. They seem to have the ready product now.

The finished Musician IIIa is shipping now. As far as I know, any preproduction Musican III can be upgraded to current version.
Eldartford - is your Carver modded?
Audioengr...No, not yet. I have three zr1600 driving the front speakers of a multichannel setup. Each CarverPro serves a MG1.6 and its associated subwoofer.

I might be interested in a mod to one channel of each amp, to be used for the MG1.6.

I have reviewed the schematic (available on the CarverPro website) and poked my head inside the unit. I think that the available mods are overkill, and most of the benefits could be obtained by a simple mod at much lower cost. If I have time over the winter I might take a crack at it myself.