Is speaker accuracy important for a rock speaker?

I listen to rock mostly and much of rock is distorted. Feedback reverb etc. Bass bloated and not tight. So do you really need an accurate speaker?? To hear a violin concerto yes. But for rock? You need one to play loud of course. One that will fill up the room with bass. Also should it matter much if the speaker does not sound its best at low volume? Hey rock is mostly about volume. I have heard of speakers sounding good at low and high volume but those get pricey. Im on a rock budget. Ive had OHM I's for a long time, the drivers being upgraded 6-7 years ago. Some would argue but to me their good speakers. I took the plunge after that and bought a used pair of a well reviewed speakers. Kept them a year and sold them. The midrange was clearer but they did not envelope you in sound like your at a rock concert. Those were PSB stratus golds. I also heard a Vandersteen 2CE at length at a showroom. They sounded colored to me? Maybe my tastes are different. Maybe my hearings gone!!!. Maybe Im not able to hear the refinement. Would a good used Cerwin Vega or JBL be better? I live out in the country and dont get to visit many stereo shops. I have a 300 watt Bryston. I am on a tight budget. $800 tops.
Not really, at least for you according to how you have described your taste.
Go with the above you listed,get a pair with a 15 inch woofer,you want more of a fun type speaker.You don't need an accurate speaker for rock.The more colorations the better!
Make sure your amp goes to "11".
Look for Klipsch horn speakers. They fit your budget and will give you butt kicking rock. Then you'll be able to sell that Bryston and run them on 25 watts or so, and they will sound better.
I agree, Klipsch Fortes or Cornwalls are great rock speakers!
Try looking at a set of Cerwin Vega CLS-215's if you really like rock with big bass. They are nice speakers along the line of Klipsch with horns and dual 15 inch subs. You can get them new for well under $1K if you look around. They will fill a room up and you don't need a Bryston 4B-SST to drive them, although that will rock them for sure.

Good luck....Watch your ears brother.
If rock is mostly about volume to you, then get the biggest, baddest, most sensitive (sounds odd, doesn't it?) speakers you can find. Kilpsch, JBL, and CV should fit the bill on paper.

After you've had fun with them and they do all those things, you'll most likely get bored and wish you never got rid of your Ohms.

There's more to rock than SPL and bass slam. I listen to several types of rock, pretty much exclusively. No desire whatsoever to get speakers like the ones mentioned. Why? Because they don't sound good - muddy, bloated, colored, disprportionate imaging, and on and on.

Even with very distorted and poorly recorded stuff, do you want to add to the crap? Think about it. Pileing crap on top of more crap never brought me any bliss.

I run a Bryston B60 and Audio Physic monitors. Very neutral and honest sounding, among other things, for my budget
Rock is NOT about volume, IMO. It is about room presence, which horns exceed at. I almost never run my horns above 85-90 dB, but you still feel the music in your chest.
Good sensitivity with 15" woofers, an amp that goes to 11 and a Tenacious D CD and you will rock your f@#&#*ing socks off.
Rock is no different than any other type of music in that it will sound better with a reasonably accurate speaker than not. Rock music covers an extremely wide range of genres, but in general you will need a speaker capable of high volumes, low distortion, good bass, easy to drive, not too critical in placement, not sensitive too seating/standing position and is tolerant of overloading. Tonally it should be smooth sounding with a nice projection of the midrange. A little bass bump and slightly rolled off treble is sometimes desirable, so match it in a system with tone controls.

Specifically, the Klipschs mentioned above are a good choice. I was never a big fan of the classic JBL studio monitors, but some people swear by them on rock. I recommend you search out a pair, or better yet two pairs of large Advents. They are widely available and easily upgraded (refoamed and new capcitors). Alternatively, but much harder to find are the EPI "module" designs. Models 201, 202 or 400 are excellent choices.
I agree with Onhwy61 100%. The Klipsch are great. Back in my Marcof/SpeakerCraft days, we did alot of research with a couple hundred people. By a large margin, the rockers liked a fairly accurate speaker, except in the bottom end. We ended up making a line called Rock Boxes that did well for us. 3db hotter woofer crossed @ 100hz. For a small regional company we had great success with these.
I would consider Legacy speakers. They will rock with slam, good tonality and accuracy. Look for some Legacy 1 (also known as "Classics"). My experience is that they do "rock' better than Klipsch or they sound damned good on jazz and other genres of music. I am not saying that they are state of the art, but at your budget level and taste, they perform at a high level.
Really, it all comes down to 'noise', which is the heart of rock, so any speaker will do.
it all comes down to 'noise'

Much like your post.
On the right high end system rock will rock!

My Mirage M3sis with 100 watt tube ARC VT100 do the best job on rock that I have heard. If you want to capture a Les Paul played through a Marshall, then this system does it.

Allot of rock I listen to is real mid rangy, so a system that does midrange well is called for.

Lately, on a different system, with very revealing speakers, I have been listing to some "boring rock", like The Eagles, and allot of the lighter tunes have tons of information that is lost with el crapo speakers. I did not like this music 30 years ago, because I had a crappy stereo.
I just happened to have found a Stereophile from 92 with a review of the Mirage 3si !!!! Its want me to try one. It was the reviewers ref speaker. He was quite happy with it. $2800 in 92 dollars. Wonder what one would go for now? Could someone look that up here for me. Appreciated. But have you compared them to a PSB stratus Gold?? Thanks all. Mike
Altec model 15

I have klipsch kg4's and they work great. if your on a really tight budget a decent pair will set you back 250-300$ they use twin 8''woofers up front with a horn and a 12'' passive on the back.
More so than "accuracy" of the speaker itself, which really cannot be objectively measured, the match to amp and integration into the room for optimal results are perhaps the most important things. Specs and designs may provide clues to help determine what might work well, but our ears are the best device for determining to what extent this has been accomplished successfully.
"Really, it all comes down to 'noise', which is the heart of rock, so any speaker will do."

Complete drivel, IMO . Thanks Dan_ed, for beating me to the punch on that one.
Not a huge Klipsch fan...but they do have a punchy, visceral sound that is kinda fun...until that "in your face" tweeter rips your ears off...if you like to rock...get a sub...thats really the visceral part of rock...the slam in the chest at the live concert feel...its a bit over the top...but that can be fun too...and if you want to be awash in sound...a pair of open sounding mini-monitors will be the ticket...
Why do people assume that 'rock is only about slam. boom. screech and more bass??
I've listened to 'rock' all my adult life (now in 50's) yes some rock is about volume... however, lets now take it in another direction... Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, 'real' Genesis (with P Gabriel), Mike Oldfield, Eagles, Sinead O'connor, Annie Lennox, Do you REALLY want to listen to good vocalists, people who can 'really really' play instruments on an 'inferior' hifi?
Get good quality speakers, you'll not regret it.

My own equipment? H&K CD, Ming Da MC34AB and World Audio KSL9 speakers (custom made wood enclosures) Not up market hi-fi, but certainly good listening.
Let me know if you ever decide to sell the OHM Is.....

Those are speakers with balls that I would bet lend themselves exceptionally to rock.

I've had a pair of their little brothers, OHM Ls, for over 30 years. I upgraded them a couple years back and almost passed on further upgrades (newer OHM Walshes), but curiosity got the best of me.

I could easily live with the Ls alone if I had to though.
Yes I like my OHM Is