Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?

Ok, help me out fellas. Is it a myth or what?

I’m a good listener, I listen deep into the music, and I feel like I have good ears. But I can’t confirm that I can hear soundstage depth. I can hear 1 instrument is louder, but this doesn’t help me to tell if something is more forward or more behind. Even in real life and 2 people are talking, I can’t honestly say I know which one is in front.

The one behind will sound less loud, but is that all there is to soundstage depth? I think the answer I’m looking for has to do with something I read recently. Something about depth exist only in the center in most system, the good systems has depth all around the soundstage.


My own take on this is that system quality and how well it is set up really figures into how well it does the imaging.  That doesn't mean the system has to be real pricey.  I have heard mid line British speakers do the imaging thing fantastically playing classical music, but as others have said the other big thing is how well the recording is done.

     Once again: 

      The LEDR test I mentioned in my first post was created (scientifically generated) to eliminate all variables, as regards the source material used, when testing your system for sound stage width and depth reproduction.

       If your system doesn't reproduce (or- you can't perceive) what's in the media: it's NOT because the effects are a, "myth" (or any other of your excuses/obfuscations).


I've never heard any perception of front-back depth while listening through earphones. To be sure, I've heard plenty of left-to-right and in-phase/out-of-phase trickery with headphones, but that's about it.

I hear so much depth in my house of stereo, it's there, 100% real. The acoustic treatment and speaker positioning probably have most to do with it, but EVERYTHING does matter.


'Santana's first album has a very good soundstage with the illusion of depth.'

Thanks for your post.

I have a near field setup and  listened to the first track (Waiting) a few minutes ago. Especially the drums, particularly Ridebecken or Hi-Hat, changing position from back left to forward mid is clearly audible to me. Closing the eyes supported the illusion. Nice experience indeed.

Hence, my answer is 'no' to the OP's initial question.

(First time I'm listening to Santana intentionally)