Is Sound Lab Owners Group Forum Dead?

Hi, I have tried to register for SLOG forum, get errors and no reply from "webmaster" link, which I'll been told goes to Mark Gilmore. Can anyone provide another contact person, different email for Mark Gilmore or another way to get registered there? Cheers,
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Anybody? Help a brother out...
try to get in touch with Brian at Essential Audio (in the Chicago area). He is a Soundlab dealer. I think he also posts here on Audiogon but have not seen him post for a while. Usually he’s very helpful.

@bombaywalla Thanks, I already spoke to Brian, a longtime friend, before posting. He had the same email that shows on the website for Mark Gilmour as the contact for Sound Lab Owners Group.  Cheers,
ok. thanx for this feedback.
Too bad that both Brian & you have come up empty-handed on this.
Any point in contacting SoundLab themselves & asking about the continued existence of SLUG?
It appears that Mark is Audiogon member WB6RHQ.  Although he appears not to have been active here for many years, you might try sending him a PM through the Audiogon system.  Also, that screen-name is an amateur radio call sign, and if you Google it you will be able to find a snail-mail address you could write to.

-- Al
Thanks @almarg, will give it a try. Not urgent, so I won't bug the kind folks at SL about it. Just a bit surprised that SLOG forum has so little activity. 
Every once in a while I check out the Planar Asylum and most of the talk their is about repair issues surrounding other brands. 
I was happy to see an online reply to comment on S' by Sandy Gross where he revealed that a pair of Sound Labs are what he uses as in his ultimate reference system. 
Hi Spencer,

One more possibility: A "WHOIS" lookup for the domain indicates an email address you could try that is different than the one provided at their site.

-- Al

I am a member of slog.

Its pretty dead and from my interactions.. Snobby and elitist
Thanks, Miko. They fixed the problem so I could register. Yes, it's very low traffic indeed! Thanks for your post. Cheers,