Is Soliloquy out of business????

Just a question, I heard a rumor that soliloquy has gone out of this true? Thanks!
yes its is allison(for the third time), red trumpet,meadowlark, more to come
Good question. I sent Soliquy several emails via their website and did not receive any responses. I sent one final e-mail last week asking if they were still in business. I Finally received a response from the president of the company and his reply was "they(soliloquy) were still here" and asked what he could do for me. He also mentioned that he was away on business and apologized for the late response. according to the President of the company - soliloquy is still alive. His title in email still reads ...President - Soliloquy Loudspeaker Company, Inc
I believe the answer is yes, unfortunately. Check the archives, there is a thread on it. Also one about replacement drivers for them, which was just revived today.
If you check the other thread mentioned above on driver replacement another A'goner also got a response to his email and even gave the email address of for David Berman, the president of the company. Since I have the 6.3's I hope they stick around and maybe things are going better for the company. It is a wonderful speaker. Maybe something new in the works is the reason for his absence?

Hi Rudd,

What is the current president's name?

Hello Ccrookham52, the president of the company is still David Berman. I believe Boss302 listed his email above.
Well here is my understanding. Soliloquy as a tax ID number is not out of business. The facility in North Carolina pictured in the website photos has been sold or is certainly not producing Soliloquy speakers anymore. The techs who were employed by Soliloquy don't work for the company anymore.

However, you can still get replacement drivers and things from David Berman I suppose until he runs out of them. He had said awhile back he was moving the company to Wake Forest and would set up production of a less expensive speaker line using non-proprietary stuff. I have no clue if or when that would happen.

It's really ashame actually. I am quite pleased with my speakers and although I have heard better for sure, I haven't had the desire to buy anything else, which says a lot. The speakers were expensive to produce and the cabinets are awesome. Analysis Plus internal wiring isn't a bad thing either. They had a network of resellers ( sort of non-mainstream ones) that was never fully taken advantage of in my opnion and when they discontinued that info on the website I knew it was over. I had heard that David was in a motorcycle accident of some significance about 18 months agao and I have no doubt that that was a major factor in accelerating things a bit. FYI- This thread will likely disappear at some point like all of the rest.
Yes Soliloquy is out of business. The other speaker company is AAD. I have all the replacement parts for Soliloquy speakers..... I mean everything. If you need replacement parts let me know. I have all crossovers, woofers, tweeters, cabinets, decals, serial number stickers, and all the exact hardware.
Better late than never! My name is David Berman and I was the former President and CEO of Soliloquy Loudspeakers. I am sorry to report that we did put Soliloquy to sleep in late 2005. The cost of manufacturing in the states, to the level we expected would have put the speaker in a new price category that would have diluted the superior value the brand had traditionally provided. That fact coupled with a motorcycle accident that my wife and I were involved in severely hampered our ability to continue. Phil Jones was the primary electrical designer of these products and he has continued on as AAD and Phil Jones Bass. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at Thanks for all your tremendous support over the years!