Is Singlepower still in bussiness?

I have been looking into various headphone amps and liked what reviews "Singlepower" has received. Well except for being slow to delver. But thier link to thier site dose not work. Are they still around?
Check out comments on HeadFi and you'll learn all about the state of affairs at SinglePower.
Singlepower (Mikhail) took $6K from me about four years ago and never gave me anything. Check out how many others either got ripped off, or had to send there amps to other techs for serious repair. Threads are all over about all the people who got ripped off by them.
Just forget this one, unless you are able to fix it elsewhere, if need it. When the business was running, lots of folks were, some still are, very impressed by the sound of it, but at the end, end means end, pity...
Thank's for the heads up. Sounds like a real shame.
This is terrible news! I've met Mikhail many years ago and own one of his amps. He was extremely nice and his amps are my absolute favorite for headphones. Really a shame...perhpas there is a reasonable explanation that will come out in time.
You need to go to and check out the "stickys" in the amp section. There is no reason for taking ALOT of peoples money and vanishing with it. Also, the amps he put out over the last couple years had serious (dangerous) problems.
It is a shame- he had a large following at hed-fi. Also Sadly I think he is out of it. My amp (an "Extreme") took almost a year to get. Fortunately it sounds great. Apparently it is not plagued with the construction problems, or inferior design issues, with the power supply.
He is a very smooth talker, who seems too nice to be a rip off artist. When I was having problems with delivery, I thought I was alone!
Yes, Singlepower ended in disaster, but my Extreme was the best sounding headphone amp I have ever owned. Unfortunately, Mikhail Rotenberg was started running a Ponzi scheme as his business went downhill. As with any Ponzi scheme, the biggest victims are the ones who got in last and they are the ones who are angriest.

But there are many Singlepower owners who have had their amps checked out by a qualified tech. Those amps can be purchased for cents on the dollar relative to what other tube headphone amp manufacturers are charging. And they sound extremely good.
A lot of electronics guy who made good stuff were terrible at the business side: look at Threshold, Carver, Mark Levinson.. Arni Nudell... these guys were great designers, and bad businessmen.
Nope, SinglePower finally went down for good. Finally. There are of course those of us who know a thing or two around amps and are able to repair the units still out there. I would not recommend buying a "stock" unit that wasn't inspected and repaired, but the modified ones sound pretty nice.