Is Simply Vinyl UK Out of Business?

Their website is all of a sudden gone, all my emails to them are bouncing and nobody answers the phone.

Anybody know anything about it?
I have been getting regular e-mails from them, but they haven't had anything good for a few years. The selection was not very good so I haven't bought anything for probably two years. I guess if I don't get anymore alerts I'll know they're gone.

I blame the audiophiles who complained that they weren't good enough even though they made some of the best reissues I have ever heard. I have a bunch of them and not a bad one in the mix...




Of the only comparisons I made, standard pressings of both Bowie's Hunky Dory and the Clash's debut were better than the Simply Vinyl re-issues.
The question was not whether or not we approve of the quality (I love them), does anybody know if they are out of business? Thanks
I don't know. I was only responding to Nrchy who brought up the quality issue by indicating "audiophiles who complained that they weren't good enough" and was sharing my similar experience with thier quality. Sorry for getting off track.