Is SHANDING still in business? Who is the US rep?

Is Shanding electronics of China still in business in the United States?? If so, do they have a US distributor or rep??

I know they make some interesting looking CD players. However, a friend claims he wants to buy a used Shanding A2000 integrated amp he saw on the internet.

I told him "hold on" until what I can find out on AG, because there are no reviews of the amp on the internet, just ads from offbeat publications.

I did not even know they made a full line of electronics. So, if anyone knows, heard, (or possibly owns) this integrated, please respond to the above. Thank you
I'd guess you're referring to Shanling, not Shanding. The sales network page on their site lists distributors in Asia, Europe and Canada but not the U.S.
Try to call Pacific Valve in Chicago 1-888-329-1337. They may have an equivalent to Shanling A2000 or they could even get it for you.
Thank you for the spelling correction. Unfortunately, the sales network page does not list a USA Distributor. I sent an e-mail indicated on the Audiogon mfg directory, but so far have not received an answer to my question about A-2000 integrated amp that my friend is considering. Cheers, Jim
Get in touch with the guys at underwood hifi. Not sure if they
are still selling completed shanling products, but they make a
lot of modifications for their cd players.