Is seller negative feedback a deal-breaker ?

Just wondering how much influence negative feedback has with sellers and buyers out there. How much influence does it have on you?
As always, read the feedback and maybe contact the member who left the feedback to hear the story. Feedback mechanism is never perfect. On eBay all the negative of feedbacks I received were retaliatory in nature. eBay changed the feedback policy so that the seller can't leave negative feedback on buyers, which fixed that problem. On agon the member receiving the feedback has an option to disapprove the feedback, which renders the feedback ratings pretty much useless. I've tried leaving a couple of negative feedbacks to other members and none of them went through.
Check the disputes threads, there is alot of "negative feedback" posts, some of them are thought provoking.
i like to read teh comments. you can sortof glean just how happy people were with their purchases, which helps.
Depends on the market.

Negative feedback will have less influence during a slow market, and more influence during a fast market when more options are available.
I wouldn't let it turn me away if it was a lone negative among many positives. I know that I personally had a bad experience as a seller here on Audiogon with a real psycho. Even though he was unreasonable and dishonest in our transaction, I just wanted to protect myself and my positive feedback, so I let him have his way. My point is that sometimes, a good seller will get a bum rap from a bad buyer, and vice versa.
Yes. I wouldn't buy from anyone with any negative feedback.

My philosophy is as follows. I generally deal with buyers who have a high feedback rating. They are usually regulars on Audiogon and are usually equipment horses that change horses quite often. Most have a few negative feedbacks,usually from a purchase in which they changed their mind or the shipper damaged the product. READ THE FEEDBACK!! make sure most of their transactions have been within the last year. Also get a physical address and a phone number and do a little research in the phone book. Most cheats will use false information.


I'd agree that reading the comments will likely tell you a lot about the circumstances and the persons involved.

I also check the "response" feedback from the person who recieved the negative. Did they retaliate, try to explain, or simply leave none in return?

One member I came across had one negative among many positive feedback. He in turn left positive feedback, apologized and accepted full responsibility.
I'd buy from them, but they'd have to agree to send me the item I am purchasing and then I pay them when I get it. I have great extensive feedback that dates back 10 years and when I'm potentially dealing with a new member or someone with a negative I won't do it any other way. I've had money stolen from me on here and I won't take anymore chances.
My short answer is NO. Not merely one or two negatives, IF there is an overwhelming slew of positives surrounding them will usually prevent me from taking advantage of a good deal.

It’s got to be all taken into context. When was the negative issue is one thing. Neutrals too should be considered.

I’ve always felt more on edge buying from someone who has no feedback far more. None. It’s due probably to having dealt now for some time with those who have good feedback that I just feel more confident that way and simply pass on those who have next to none or none in fact… regardless the deal.

I’ve talked with folks without feedback or with very little who say they are this professional or that, had the same job or home for years on end. None of that tells me they know how to pack and ship a thing. Or value it appropriately. Or if some issue arises wether or not they’ll stand by me later on. Feedback gives a lot more indication as to those sort of more important things.

Like experience for example!

My luck has been such that those with little or no feedback produce more hassles, generally speaking.

…and let’s face it too… someone who has really substantial eg. Numerous dealings is very likely going to have one or two of those people who simply can never be satisfied or become remorseful afterwards. Consequently, they feel taken advantage of and post negatively.

Feedback too doesn’t tell anyone much about a person either, apart from their past experiences were done satisfactiorily. People do change for varying reasons so I prefer too to get to speak with them if the amounts are substantial as well… not just by email.

that too can account for nothing in the end, but it helps me with my decision making..
Jylee, funny that you mention that ''I've tried leaving a couple of negative feedbacks to other members and none of them went through.''

Same thing happened to me as recently as 2 weeks ago. I had the worst A'gon experience yet with an Audiogoner on a pair of AKG 701 headphones. I trade some cans of my own for some ''10/10, as new'' condition headphones with bad scuffs and scratches...7/10 at best. After arguing to no end with the guy, I was finally able to return them, but I ate $ 100.00 in the process. Left a ngative feedback but nothing was posted. To top it all, this person has the nerve to re-post the gear with ''minor scratches'' comments...the ad is ON now, what nerve...So, for the credibility of this rating system, what to think?
I read the negative feedback. If it is because the seller decided not to sell or the buyer not to buy- big deal. Here in NY there is a state law that say's a buyer has 3 business day's to cancel a contract. Now if the item is not as described, that's a different story.