Is Rotel RMB-1075 a good match for B&W N804

I have a B&W N804 driven by RMB-1075 primarily being used for HT. I listen to music on my headphones, only just recently have started to listen to music on the 804's. There seems to be little bass & midrange , not sure if it is the rotel, I've even bi-amped but found just a little improvement in the bass & midrange.
What's the rest of your system? The problem may lie elsewhere.
Oppo BDP-103 and Yamaha RX-V650 as the pre.
The Oppo has its own volume control. Try plugging it directly into the amp so that you bypass the Yamaha. You should hear a very big difference.
Home theatre receivers, in general, tend to perform very poorly as preamps. The Yamaha would definitely be a major problem for sure.
Bypassed the Yamaha and plugged the Oppo directly in the Rotel, see a big difference. Overall sound quality is very good, see a gain the midrange but not enough in the bass. Thank you. Which pre-amp (in the $2000 range)would you suggest that can go well with the B&W and Rotel gear that I can use for both music and HT ? How about the Emotiva XMC-1? Or should I look at Parasound P7.
If possible try the Parasound P5. I had one and for the money it just may do the trick.
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