Is Ronnie incincible....

like  Keef?

That has to be a scary moment, even after the bad stuff is removed .

"I ain't losing my hair, this hair isn't going anywhere", you gotta luv Ron Woods.
I hate touch screens...the title is supposed to read Is Ronnie invincible 

"i ain't losing my hair.."   That is VERY rock & roll.

Long live Ronnie,Keef and the rest of the boys.

I watched a 1989 video of a stand-up performance by Bill Hicks. One of his lines was something like, "Can you believe Keith Richards
is still alive?" 1989!!!

(Hicks died jusr a few years later.)
ncarv- Keef is resistant to disease and nuclear attacks.

He's definitely no more invincible than the rest of us, but he is most certainly stupid. 
Sad to hear about Ron Wood's health problems! I first saw him in concert in 1969 playing bass guitar for the original Jeff Beck Group. July '69, NYC Schaeffer Music Festival, Wollman Rink in Central Park. A LEGENDARY show that afternoon! Jeff Beck on guitar, Ronnie on bass, Nicky Hopkins on piano, Tony Waller on drums and Rod Stewart singing! Songs played were all from Truth and Beckola. Last and closing song played was "Rice Pudding" from Beckola.There was no encore. And this was the early show! Show no.2 took place that Monday evening at 8pm. The ticket price was $1.50!!!! Today's youngsters don't know what they missed! My prayers go out to Mr. Wood's recovery!
You say stupid I say genius.
+1tooblue.  Well said.

Those first two solo albums I've Got My Album To Do and Now Look stand tall.  Hopefully his wife 31 yrs his junior will help keep him going.
Stupid?  Don't know about that.

Talented artist though...
dgarretson-I'm no hip to Ronnies solo work. A good reason to put on my bin diving suit.

Ronnie geetar with Rod the mod

When I said he's stupid, I was referring to his decision to avoid chemotherapy so that he doesn't lose his hair. That's stupid.

Other than that, I don't think that he's stupid, but I certainly wouldn't call him a genius.

All the Stones had sympathy for the devil, after all, he bought their souls.  That's why Keef and Ronnie still walk among us.
Keith Richards is the anti-Dorian Grey.
His legs are aging backwards.