is RMAF worth a trip

I live in DFW area and am curious if trip to denver is worth it.The problem is dealers here seem to have one model of brands I'm interested in, unless I want B&W. I'm happy with system but am looking to experment with others pieces. I want to hear other brands, but not if it is top of line products from the venders that i can't afford. IT has to be worth me missing going to the COWBOYS and cheating patriots game. So your input would be appreciated.
Last year's RMAF was the only audio show I've ever attended, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was easy to get to, easy to move around the show, easy to listen to the different setups, easy to talk to manufacturers and designers. There was a wide variety of gear to listen to. It didn't have the bright lights of what I imagine the big show have, but if you're wanting to experience a wide range of gear, it's a great place to do it.

Work schedule precludes a return trip this year, but if my schedule allowed, I'd be going again in a heartbeat.
I went last year and had a great time. I walked into many rooms from $5,000-$150,000 and in most cases I was asked if I
brought anything that I would like them to play. Try that at the other shows. Small venue so walking is minimal. The hotel is great and not far from the airport. I am going back again this year and bringing my wife. If you can swing it, you will not be sorry.
if you don't go to ces, it is worth a trip to the rmaf.
It is a good show and all the exhibitors that I spoke to were very friendly/helpful and were more than willing to share hi-fi chit chat.And as mentioned by Jig I didn't encounter anybody that would not entertain any of the cd's I took along to the show. I enjoyed It last year and certainly going this year also.
I love the show. It's more relaxed than shows like CES. Modest in price from a manufacturers standpoint so you get a nice variety of equipment--some new stuff from new companies. Good people, not too expensive, probably the best end user show out there.
RMAF is heavily consumer oriented, while CES is largely for the trade. RMAF is more laid back than CES and easier to get around. This year's event is sold out, which should give you an idea what others think. While not every manufacturer will be represented, a large number will be.
I am looking forward to attending the show this year. This will be my first time, and I was wondering if anyone can give me pointers. My wife and I plan on arriving in Denver on Wednesday to take in the sights and I will attend the show on Friday and Saturday. I am really looking forward to meeting some of the manufacturers I have e-mailed with and talked with on the phone. I am also looking forward to meet the people that frequent the Audiogon web site. We should wear tags with our Audiogon names so we can recognize each other.

Any advice for a first timer would be appreciated.
When is it? For some reason, I thought it already happened.
thanks for the kick start, I just made my reservations. My wife is also coming with. Any suggestions for eats and entertainment that weekend.Like slowhand I'm looking forward to meeting people i've spoken with, and my ears are ready for variety.Again thanks for the responce and kick in the butt.
Just bought my ticket for the fourth year. I always come away with knowledge I didn't go there with. I don't know of any other show that you can see just about everything made. I would say yeah make the trip plan 4 days and spend one in the mountains. Colo. is a beautiful place.
The RMAF takes place on Oct.12, 13, 14 at the Mariott Tech Center Hotel. Go to for info.
Small correction: the site is at
Essentialaudio is correct, sorry.
When in Denver these last two years for CEDIA I have found some great restaurants.

One the 16th street 'mall' there are two places, the Apaloosa Grill (near the convention center area) has a beer cheese and wild game sausage plate to die for! Going south a few blocks, Marlowe's has an amazing selection of microbrews and always seems to have some exotic meats, bison etc to savor.

This past year we ate @ Del Frisco's and the steaks were excellent, well seasoned and perfectly cooked, not cheap but worth it, waitress was smoking hot too!

Just my 0.02
I wouldn't miss it for the World. . . my room at the Marriott has been booked since last May! My only complaint is that is not creating a list of exibitors on a sortable spreadsheet. . . walking around the hotel with an alphabetized list of exibitors is for the proverbial birds. So I am creating my own sheet copying and pasting company names from the 'all exibitors' page and suite numbers from individual exibitor's pages. . . but with about 240 entries it's a real pain to do.
I travel to Denver once a month for work. Last one was 3 weeks ago. I took a detour to find out where RMAF would be hosted, and it was just within 1/4 mile from where I was staying. It's not that easy to get to as the airport is in the middle of nowhere northeast of Denver. The Tech Center is on the southwest edge of the greater Denver area.

I've just arranged my trip so to "coincide" with RMAF, so I will be in town that week, and sneaking out early Friday to attend the show for 3 days!

Hello there!

I decided to respond to this thread because I am a Colorado native, and figured I could share some helpful info…..enjoy reading!

I grew up right by where the hotel is for the RMAF, and I currently live about 15 minutes away from it. Colorado native for 25 of 27 years of my life, and 2007 was the first year I have attended, mainly because I had never heard of it until about a week before the show.

Here are my thoughts on it. Lots of positives and only one to the end to find out the ONE negative!!

1. Airfare is cheap to DIA from DFW and there are good air fares to be found from pretty much anywhere in the country. $300 bucks or less is pretty much the standard so financially it is very reasonable to attend.
2. Hotels are cheap in the area this time of year because other tourists, mostly Californians and Floridians, to our state head to the mountains for the many pleasures the Rocky Mountains provide. WE LOVE TOURIST DOLLARS!
3. Lots of good restaurants, microbrews, and bars in the tech center area with Denver only 15 minutes away as well. In other words, an attractive nightlife!
4. Easy to get to from DIA right off I-25.
5. The show is not too crowded because most people in Colorado have other interests besides high end audio.
7. Wide variety of set ups to demo. This can really help if you are looking to start a new setup, or modify your existing one!
8. YOU CAN PLAY YOUR OWN MUSIC! I mention this twice because the snooty factor is VERY LOW at this show.

Overall, it is a great show and a very unique atmosphere. I highly recommend attending next year!

Oh yeah………what is the ONE negative you ask?
Here it is: NO SINGLE WOMEN!! In fact, really no cougar to be seen at all… As a 27 year old single male, this is an important component to any successful convention, fair, show, or rodeo that I attend. I hate to report this, but the male to female ratio…..ABISMAL! …..I mean vendors did not even have token hot girls handing out brochures! How sad is that?
However, I wasn’t planning on meeting my next ex-girlfriend there anyway. Next year, just be sure to keep your expectations for eye-candy LOW
Hope this helps your decision.
if i weren't attending the ces, i would go to the rmaf.
there are manufacturers who attend ces who do not exhibit at the rmaf.
I went this year & I must say that it was worth every penny that I spent to attend!
I really liked meeting all the manuf that were there representing their products & also the long-time dealers representing the products.

My ONLY complaint was that I did not get to meet any other Audiogon member!! :-(
I saw Albert Porter (I recognized him from an earlier photo from CES & he had his expensive SLR camera around his neck & I just knew that it was Albert Porter!).
I also saw "Slipknot1" but did not say hi to him as he was in a listening session.

I really WISH that we could have been a little more orgnized so that there would have been a better arrangement for meeting other Audiogon members. It would have been great to put a face to a name esp. since I've been communicating w/ several members for a long time.
I AGREE!! would have been nice to meet others from Audiogon!Next year we need to have 'special' name tags!
Almost like Top Gun call signs could be quite funny!

Although, some people might not be too proud to display the sceenname they have chosen for themself out in a public setting!!