Is Revelation Audio out of business ?

I am wondering if anyone placed orders recently with Revelation Audio and received their cables in the last couple of months . Have they closed down or still in business ?

In July I ordered a cable and received a wrong cable. Brad told me to return the cable and promised to send me the correct cable. However after I sent back the cable to them, even after so many email follow ups there was no reply for a very long time ! In early October I received one email stating that cable is ready and is being dispatched. However, since then there was no tracking number or email reply to my emails. I sent many emails and told him to either send me the cable or refund my money, but in vain.

I tried calling their phone number many times, but no one is picking up and goes to voice mail always.

I keep wondering if Revelation Audio has closed down or he is just lying to me and gone with my money....

Please share if anyone has any other contacts to reach him.


I’ve always received the cables I ordered from Brad.  Sometimes it took 3 weeks and some times it took 4 weeks.  Brad does make some of the best bang for the buck cables.

Ordered two Supratek umbilical cables from Brad a little over a year apart.  Received both cables in less than two weeks with no drama.  Last cable was in June. 

Brad made a Supratek umbilical for me, received it about 10 days ago. The process took 3 weeks from order to delivery. Best to communicate through the address on his web page.