Is Rethm Gone ?

 Was always a bit fascinated by these speakers but as I researched them more and spoke with the importer, I just had an uneasy feeling.
1. It didn't seem like he was really promoting them or had an interest to
2. Appeared that there was only one pair of the Maarga V2's avail in the US and that was his demo pair. 
 3. The other day I went to the Rethm website and it was down, but back up today. So then I went to Wellpleased audio who is the importer and they were off of his site and neither of his dealers have them listed on their websites anymore. 
 All along I felt conflicted as the company has had new items and hasn't even updated the website for a few years now with them. Just seemed to me the sign of a failing business. And with most of there speakers having proprietary hardware I just didn't want to take the chance. 

 Anyone else hear anything ?? Maybe they just lost their distributor in the US? Sad cause these were some pretty unique sounding speakers at a decent price point.
Atelier13 Audio in Nashville still has the brand on its website including a new monitor due out in Q2. You might want to call them and ask