Is Reliable Audio Video really reliable?

Has anyone dealt with Reliable Audio Video. They have great prices on consumer electronics, but do they deliver what they promise?
In a word. No.

It involved a receiver that I ordered. They didn't have it in stock. So they backordered. I got tired of waiting, so I cancelled the order and went with someone else. A couple of weeks later they get the item in, charge my credit card and ship it anyway, despite my very clear instructions not to. I refused the shipment (as they told me to). They promise to credit my account upon receiving the package back. They get it back. A week goes by. Then 2. Then 3. They keep promising to credit my account. They don't.

I ended up having to complain to Yahoo before I could finally get them to do the right thing. And their owner had the brass bound gall to try lie to me on the phone. Fortunately I had kept all the e-mail correspondence so I had them dead to rights.

It's your money and you can do what you want. As for me, Hell will freeze over before I knowingly do business with them again.
I had a similar experience with Reliable. I ordered an item that they did not have in stock. After waiting about two weeks for the back order to come in, I found the item elswhere (on Audiogon, actually). I called and emailed for them to cancel my order, which they assured me they would do.

Several days later I got an email from them confirming shipment! I checked my credit card account online, and sure enough, they charged my account for the item. I called and they said it had shipped, but they would recall it (?) and refund the charge. The item never arrived, and my account was credited within a few days.