Is RAVEN TABLE that good over sme or Walker?

i am hearing a lot about this german table that unconventional. Uses special plastics, and i think no bearings etc. 3 motors and rubber belt! but know Schroeder is pushing it. Loves it. supposed to have really fine detail and bass. not sure if prat tho....

anyone bought it? what experience....

Wondering if better thing would be get VIBRAPLNE.... OR>? YOUR THOTS
I don't understand you question. I haven't compared it to SME or Walker but it does have tons of PRAT. That is for sure. What is the question re: Vibraplane?

I ordered mine in the summer and got it in Sept, it was delivered as promised on time.

I think it has better PRAT than the SME tables that I have owned. It is very quiet in my set up now, it would probably benefit from a platform like the Minus K or Vibraplane, as any table would.

It uses a highly polished inverted bearing with little maitainance after the initial setup.

I have only heard the single motor version in my setup and at Highwater Sound, so I cannot comment on the three motor version.
well I owned an SME 20 a long time ago, but I sold
it before I purchased the H&P Ulysses and then I went
over to the Kuzma Reference with an Airline TA. After hearing the Raven-AC at the AAA-Show in Germany I ordered
one and I'am very happy with it.

I guess I'll just pile on... I would take the Raven over the SME any day, but compared to the Walker, I'm not sure if there is a clear, uncontested winner. Both tables have sounded wonderful everytime I have heard them. I have heard the Walker three times at different shows and numerous times in the home of a friend, the Raven I've only heard at shows. Shows are a very difficult to get good sound, but the Raven sound great with the Schroeder arm and ZYX cartridge.

If I had the money burning a hole in my pocket I'm not sure which I'd buy, but I guess I'd lean towards the Raven. Alles Klar?
I have heard the Walker and the SME at shows but not with the Raven AC. I purchased a Raven AC in May '06 with a DaVinci arm and London Reference cartridge, I would not trade it/them for any other set-up. The Raven AC outperforms the other two mentioned 'tables without the complication of suspension or gimics.

I noticed how you have the Airline mounted to your Raven. How do you adjust VTA? Can the arm be moved up and down without the brass tower that is typically used with the Airline on Kuzma tables?

Hi Andrew,
well there is no problem in adjusting the VTA on
the Kuzma Airline (on the Raven AC).
The arm can be moved up and down when the record is played.


Thanks. do you knowabout the German reviewer who compared the Raven to the Acoustic Signature Mambo?
thx for any info
I heard the raven. Stunning dynamics and quiet as heck. Beautiful craftsmanship and machining. Way underpriced.

For those who added Stillpoints to the Raven later, how did this change the sound? Was it noticeable?
Yes. It improved bass definition & dynamics even more. I don't understand it but it did work a substantial improvement.
The Stillpoints certainly make a substantial improvement beneath a Teres. I've A/B'd them with the original spikes and the Stillpoints were a worthwhile upgrade.

On our table the benefits were more in the direction of a lower noise floor, superior resonance control, more inner detail, blacker background, etc. We thought bass and dynamics actually suffered (VERY slightly), but the improvements greatly outweighed the costs. Different tables, different ears.
Is there a web link for the raven table? I really do not know about this table. Bob
Hello Bob

Below are couple of links one is for TW Acustic site , the other is a dealer.

If you read Stereophile, the TR Acustic Raven was reviewed in this months issue quiet favorably for another opinion.

is the site for Raven-producer thomas woschnik, including links to his US-distributor. There were several enthusiastic reviews of the several Raven models in the German high end magazines such as LP or HiFi&Records. So far there are four models (top-model Falcon - which is not on the website, Raven, Raven AC, Raven one - a new, cheaper model.
The German reviewer was one of the most experienced German analogue reviewers, Helmut Rohrwild in HiFi&Records No. 4/05, whi has an Audiolabor Kostant (today Brinkmann). His reviewer-friend Reinhold Martin had an Acoustic Signature Mambo, and changed it now for a Raven AC.

I noticed that you are evaluating some new phono stages. What do you think of the Tron Seven? Does it have the detail and bass strength of the Solid State units?
For all those interested in another Raven review, go to
RE: Aolivero asks, "what do you think of the Tron Seven? Does it have the detail and bass strength of the Solid State units?"

I use a Tron Seven. The Tron replaced a fully up to date Tom Evans Groove Plus. I used both stages with a Verdier table, Da Vinci arm and DRT XV-1s cartridge. They're both great, but I prefer the Tron over the Groove Plus (which means I save a lot of money too). To be honest, I'm not really a sophisticated listener with regard to being able to describe the exact differences in sound. All I know is that the Seven sounds more real, more connected, more coherent. Regarding bass strength, I have no complaints.

Thanks David. I heard an amazing SS phono/line stage recently that made me wonder if certain attributes are possible with tubes.
Hi Aoliviero,

well I have the Tron Seven running in my system, but I'am
still playing around with different nos tubes.