Is Radio Paradise the only free CD quality internet radio station?

Why are there not a wide variety of free CD quality internet radio stations today in 2020?

There must be a demand.

LOW REZ audio is crap!

There are a few more but I don’t care for their p/l’s.
I prefer Linn Jazz to RP.
Most radio doesn’t beget critical listening. If you hear something you like seek it out.
Radio is for background or approval.
Linn Jazz is 320 Kps low res.
There are quite a few.  I snagged this link quite a while ago (probably from a post here but I can't remember).
RP world station is just crushing it tonite. Funky Turkish DJ mix into Dr. John into Kashmir from No Quarter. Been like this for 2 hrs. Outstanding.

320 kbs also, as good as it gets for free (not certain of that but it's good quality). I think it's cd quality anyhoots.