Is "live" music sound possible for under $1K

I primarily liston piano, chamber and opera. I was wondering if anyone had experience producing a realistinc presentation for about $1K not including the source? My listening room is 14 x 20 X 8. I thought this could be accomplished by an inexpensive tube pre-amp ($200-300) and older vintage amp such as a Pioneer Spec 4 or Yamaha approx $300, and possibly some older klipsh's (KG-4) or newer Axiom's M22ti's approx $400. Am I on the right track? Has anyone been able to accomplish this? Any recommendations for any of the 3 items?
No. Live music has an immediacy that reproduced music does not equal.
This and $1.05 will buy you a cup of coffee but here goes.

-integrated amp,about $300. In addition to the Jolida mentioned in a previous post, consider the NAD 320bee,Cambridge Audio a300,and Rotel integrateds.
-cd player. either a Marantz,Cambridge Audio,or Nad piece for $200
-speakers,either a pair of Magnepan MMG's or a pair of Vandersteen 1-c,for about 500.

Happy listening.
If you reform your idea toward headphones than for $1,000 you can achieve something not acheivable even with 10x spendings for speakers and amps.

Here is the simple system:
-->>>AKG K501 $250 new
-->>>Headroom Supreme $449 new
-->>>Cambridge D500 demo $300
-->>>interconnects extra but not over $20(sorry for overbudget!)
Take a look at my setup that I put together for under $1k. It incorporates some of the comments above...
Yes! Buy season tickets to your local favorites.
Season tickets are out of question.
The best thing is to send your son/daughter to play an instrument or sing!:-)