Is Quality Prog. Scan DVD Under $500 possible?

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to pair a quality prog. scan dvd player via component to a Sony 42WE655. I say component because the TV only has 1 HDMI and I figure that I'll save that for the broadcasts. That's what we watch mostly anyway.

Looking at Secrets of Home Theater page I notice that all of the high quality players that are under $500 are all discontinued (ex. Denon 1600, Pan RP82, etc.) I don't need any SACD or DVD A or anything like that... Just a high quality player to play DVDs that will look great on this set.

Can you guys recommend anything? I haven't received many responses over at avsforum...

Thanks big time!
used phillips 963sa about $250 has sacd and upsampling also. also used denon 2910.

aloha keith
Hi Keith... The Philips 963 is discontinued... The 2910 blows the budget...

Can anyone come up with anything else????
Buy used.
You can always find plenty of used dvd-players in mint condition here on Agon.
I never buy new gear anymore!
Try finding a Denon 2200?
Pioneer Elite 09?
Toshiba SD-9200, a few years old, was top of the line, solidly built, and well regarded for audio as well, but on the higher end of your budget; Denon 2800 Mk II or 2200. Also newer LG and samsung models are worth taking a look at. They also have DVI-D, so you can compare with your HD receiver to see which looks better through DVI. LG 3510A also has OTA HD tuner built in so you can get DVD and HDTV through single DVI out. Good luck.
Check out the Samsung DVD-HD841. Has DVI and will play SACD and DVD Audio if you want to try it out. Was looking for a cheap one for bedroom and picked it up from Big Box (best buy) for less than $200.00. Picture is great with component out and it sounds good too. It's now in the living room. Asked Reference Audio Mods if they would consider checking it out and modding similar to the work they do on the Toshiba SD-3960.
You can find most Sony DVD players for under $500 and I believe that they are great. Also used sony es models are found for about $500, and they can't be beat unless you triple the price range.

Good luck
I recently bought a used Denon 1600 on Videogon. There are a couple for sale here on Audiogon as well. I couldn't give it a higher recommendation. I don't think you can beat it unless you buy one of the more expensive Denons.