Is Quad an upgrade from Rotel?

I've read lots of good stuff about Quad amps but I'm not very familiar with them. I currently have a Rotel RB-1080/RC-1090 and was wondering if Quad is an upgrade over Rotel? Has anyone compared products from these two brands?

Thanks for any feedback!
Hummmm..... Quad makes both SS and tube gear, so the question is quite ill- defined. The SS Quad gear is very British with a laid back presentation, not particularly 3- dimensional and oft times rolled off top end. Some would say polite. The tube gear is quite different from that giving a more lively presentation. I'm a fan of the Quad tube, not so much the SS product.

You've given no direction as to ancillary pieces, why you wish to change/upgrade or musical preferences. Try again.
I'm not a big fan of Rotel so my answer will be obvious but I have owned Quad and liked it a great deal.
Celtic, sorry if I didn't give enough information but I was looking for general input on the sound characteristics of their gear. Just for the record, I'm interested in Quad's solid state products (I didn't even know they made tube gear), primarily the older 909/99 combo or even the new Elite series.

Phd, did you happen to hear the 909/99 power-pre combos or the newer Elite series?
quad is up the line from rotel, but question remains which quad to which rotel still.
Mkash3, yes I have heard this combination of Quad and thought the sound produced was outstanding.
I used to own the Quad 99/909 and it is a very nice combination, as well as being a real bargain at the used price. The 99 has a very nice MM/MC phono section also. IMO it would be a step up from Rotel.