Is Qsonix out of business?

I have been attempting to get a simple question answered about my Qsonix 205. No email responses. Today I called; telephone numbers disconnected. I had (the past) presidents cel phone number from past discussions. I called and he told me he had been gone from Qsonix for a year and had no idea what was happening there.

Scary stuff...
Scary stuff perhaps, but not surprising. Qsonix gear became obsolete practically the day the iPad was released. Their claim-to-fame was the user interface they developed, but because the ipad is so much better (mpad app) interest in Qsonix declined quickly. When I sold mine I almost had to give it away - no one was interested. Such is life in the world of digital (and Apple).

BTW, I replced my Qsonix with a bryston BDP1 and iPad - it sounds much better, is totally silent and, for playback, more practical to use. The Bryston doesn't offer zones, but I used a separate DAC and did not use the Qsonix for that purpose.
Yes it is. See the thread Meridian Sooloos vs Qsonix below for more information.
I am a Qsonix dealer, and I can assist you. The company will most likely be back they have been having a rough time lately.

The good thing is that a tech savy person can service the system.

The Qsonix hardware is really excellent, and we sold numerous units that have always worked well.

Please feel free to contact me.


Qsonix came up with a fantastic Ipad app, and the second generation 205 product has a terrific digital output designed by Wadia.

I would agree that the first generation product was lacking but the 205 is an excellent product, I don't know anyone who actually bought a Qsonix and used the Analog outputs, most Qsonix were purchased as digital transports and with the upsampling set to 192K the sound was fantastic.
Audiooracle how do I contact you or the qsonix technician?
Hi , I am shocked today to find this out today ,I purchased my qsonix 205 for Doron Ben Zvy June 2012, I called wadia they could not help, diconnected phone at concearn is if I need any info and support. I made need and to get all of my Music on something other than Qsonix any help or who can I call . would be great thanks .
A really good local electronics repair shop recently repaired my Qsonix. Lots of common parts in the 205 according to the tech. He put in a new CD drive for $89 including installation! Let me know if anyone wants his contact info.
Bummer. I had a feeling they were in trouble as I was not getting any response to my service inquiries. I have the 205 and need a drive. Anyone know a reputable service shop in Colorado.
Hi I may have access to get you a hard drive with the Qsonix software if you still need it
Hello hgproaudio, I have a Q110 and a Q205 that need repair. If you could send me the info on your repair guy, I will buy you a nice dinner through PayPal.
Hey Lookatch, the last post was for you.....I need a repair on my Q110 and Q205. Please send repair guy info and I'll send you dinner money through PayPal.
Hgproaudio, if you know if a repair guy for the Q110 and Q205 the offer stands for whomever sends info first.Once confirmed dinner is on me.

hello, does anyone have access to fixing Qsonix units?

Please give us a call, we have experience with them. 

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