Is Pure Music 1.8 better?

I just installed it on my Mac, having been using PM 1.74. This is the biggest jump yet. It will also play integer mod, but not on my Weiss Dac202.
Much better. It will do much higher resolution.
Soundstage width and depth is amazing.
I noticed better soundstage too - really wasn't expecting such a change. I thought it was in my head...!
Yes, it's better. A veil has been removed.
Yes, I had similar results - much better but apparently I cannot play the Integer option either. That really doesn't bother me much. what I have noticed however is that poor recordings are now even worse!!
I agree that PM 1.8 sounds much better. I tried the integer playback with my Wavelength Cosecant and much prefer it using the less is more interface. With the Cosecant the integer playback tipped up the tonal balance and seemed to take some of the body and immediacy away. This was the opposite of what I expected would happen. Very pleased though with the upgrade.
Dmailer, very interesting that you preferred the non-integer mode. I figure if it is any good many companies will have dacs that will allow it. My Weiss Dac202 will not.
just updated to PM 1.8, it does sound better than 1.74. What does integer mode do? Thanks.

As I understand it, the integer itself is transmitted rather than the 1s and 0s that make it up. I must admit that I have no understanding of how the dac then deals with the information.
The Weiss DAC202 is not integer capable. See the thread on Computeraudiophile-dot-com.
Catastrofe, I know. I still have no idea why that is, however.